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We were staying at the KOA campground in Twin Mountain, NH and wanted to find something to eat. When traveling, we try to eat at local restaurants, and avoid chains, and places that we can eat at back home. We asked the people at the KOA where to find a good restaurant. The first place they mentioned was Angelica’s, and then they went on to list a bunch more. I thought he said that Angelica’s was only 4 minutes away. It turned out to be about 8 miles away. We decided to try them. We were the only customers at first, though another group showed up a little after we did.
The menu is primarily seafood. Another thing my wife and I do is try to order different things. She ordered the fish and chips. I wasn’t sure what to order, so I asked the waitress what she recommended. She said that Scallops Sinclair is the most ordered dish. So I ordered the Scallops Sinclair. I got a salad with mine, and got a choice of potato. I ordered the fries. The salad was small and simple but good. Then came the real food. The scallops were delicious! I am not even sure I have ever had scallops before. But they were excellent. My wife’s fish and chips were excellent. The fish was cooked perfectly!
We don’t usually eat dessert, but I was eager to see what they had. The choices were carrot cake, apple pie, and something called chocolate tornado, I asked the waitress, and she rattled off all the chocolate it had in it. It was a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and chocolate syrup, and some other chocolate, served with whip cream. We ordered one to split between the two of us. This thing was decadent! It is very rich, and is a chocolate lover’s dream! If you like chocolate, you gotta come here just for that (not sure how often they have it).
But as a seafood restaurant, they are excellent. And the prices were reasonable especially when compared to some of the other local restaurants.
Angelica’s is located at 2085 Main, Bethlehem, NH 03574. (603) 869-5420

Our last visit the Vermont Teddy Bear factory for about 12 years ago. We enjoy the factory tour very much. The guy doing the tour was having fun, using lots of really bad puns (Bear footed, bear chested, right to bear arms, etc). He knew the puns were but he had fun, and we had fun. In fact we probably enjoyed that factory tour more than any other we have done.
Today we were back in Shelburne, Vermont, and were looking forward to doing the tour again. We arrived just before 9am. The parking lot didn’t have many cars. We made our way to enter. They had just opened. We had a coupon for a free factory tour (look for the card advertising the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory on the racks of tour brochures found in many restaurants and like places). The tour started at 9:30am. As we walked around the store, there were few other customers around. When the tour started, we found we were the only people on it. The girl gave the tour. The shop was not currently running as it had been 12 years ago. The girl was informative, but nowhere as entertaining as the guy 12 years ago. If our first tour of the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory had been like this, we probably wouldn’t have been so eager to come back. I guess it comes down to who is doing the tour. Still, if you are in the area, you might to give the tour a try. Even if you don’t find the free tour coupon on the card, it still only cost a couple bucks. And you get a free "button bear" (a piece of bear fur cut in the shape of a bear).
The Vermont Teddy Bear Factory is located on Route 7, just south of the town of Shelburne, VT.

I spend a lot of time on the internet at home. When I travel, I still want to stay connected. So trying to find free WiFi spots can be a lot of fun. More and more hotels are offering wi-fi these days. Some offer it for free, some charge for it. For example, when I stayed at a hotel in Gatlinburg, TN, the hotel offered free wi-fi. But while staying at a hotel in Niagara Falls, Ontario, they wanted to charge me $20 a day.
Some restaurants also offer Wi-Fi. Again, some offer it for free, and some charge. I often eat lunch in a Panera Bread restaurant, and they have free wi-fi. But today in a McDonalds that had a sign on the door saying they have wi-fi, so I pulled out my laptop, only to get a screen asking how I wanted to pay for the access. Screw that! I put my lap top away.
One strategy for free wi-fi is to park in the parking lot of a hotel offering free wi-fi. Bu this wont always work, as some places will take you to a landing page where you will need to enter a code to gain access to the internet.
I have also bought a WiFi detector, but that only tells me if WiFi is nearby, but not if it is free or not. And I have had it tell me there is Wifi nearby, only to boot up my laptop, have it tell me there is nothing.

After finding that all the hotels/motels in Shelburne were booked solid, or very expensive, we decided to stay at the local campground. We headed over there about 7:30pm, and found the office closed. Fortunately the sign said we could find an empty campsite and check in in the morning. They listed the empty spots on the sign on the door. We found an empty spot, and pull our car in. It was raining, and we hurriedly set up our tent.
When our tent was sent up, we headed off for food. When we got back it was dark. My wife went to bed, and I plugged the extension cord into the power hookup, and recharged my laptop while working on a couple blog posts. The brochure for the campground says they have wi-fi. My computer shows one network, but it looked like another computer. A few minutes later another connection appears. I connect and manage to upload m posts.
In the morning I head off to the bathrooms intending to take a shower. There are a couple shower stalls. I turn on the water, and it is cold. I turn the knob to both extremes, and get nothing but cold water. I am not sure which way is hot, so I leave it in the middle. The water says cold for the longest time, but eventually warms up a little. Just a little! I had it turned all the way to what seemed to be hot, and the water seemed warm coming out of the shower head. But by the time the fine streams of water hit my body, they seemed kind of cold. I washed my hair, and was suffering. I couldn’t find my soap in our bag, so I washed off as best as possible, and got dressed in the cold shower stall trying to keep my clothes from getting wet on the wet floor. I did get hot water at the sink though.
Back at the tent, I attempt to connect to the wi-fi, but am unable to get a connection this morning. Oh well.
We broke down our campsite, and loaded the car. Some of the other people staying at the campground look like permanent residents, maybe people down on their luck, paying the weekly rate. We check out at the office. I ask about the wi-fi, and he says that it is only good to about 50 feet from the office.
The campground is an older place, that could probably use some updating. The spaces are close together. But at least it was cheap.

When my wife and I got married, we registered at REI for camping equipment. We asked for a couple backpacks, and a backpacking tent, and some other stuff for backpacking. We actually got a bunch of it, including a lightweight backpacking type tent. Amazingly, we have never gone backpacking. We did use the tent a lot. We would drive to a campground, pitch the tent stay for a day or three, and drive on. Being that the tent was designed for backpacking, it was pretty small.
These days we still do some tent camping, but now we have a larger heavier Coleman tent. We have a full sized inflatable air mattress with a battery powered pump. We have a couple cheap sleeping bags that zip together. We have a big Coleman 5 day cooler that we use to tote around food and pop. We usually leave that in the car. We have fun, and get to see a lot of stuff. Personally, I still hope to get off and do some backpacking in the future.

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