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When I booked my flights last night, it showed me an offer for a rental car during the check out process. I don’t remember which car company. The price was something like $155/week. I wasn’t sure if this was good or bad. You would think getting bundled price would get you cheap prices. But I wanted to look up the prices to be sure! I considered opening another window on my machine into Orbitz to see what the cost of a rental car would be separately, but was concerned that having two sessions open would confuse the Orbitz software. That would be a pain since I was halfway through ordering my airline tickets! So I had my wife connect to Orbitz on her machine which is right next to mine. She looked up rental cars for the dates of our trip, and we found that we could get a rental car significantly cheaper from another rental car company separately. So I completed the process of getting our airline tickets. Then I went back to reserve a rental car. Alamo had the cheapest prices. What I found interesting was that a midsize car was actually cheaper than a compact car! I reserved the midsized car of course! It will actually come in handy back in Seattle.

I needed to buy airline tickets for a trip we are taking next month. I have been putting it off, but decided I better buy them. I got an email from Travelocity advertising a low price of $203 to fly from Rochester to Seattle round trip. But after working with their system and it showing me a bunch of date that weren’t even available, I just got ticked off. Travelocity has the most user unfriendly system! I have nothing but problems with them. I like the gnome, the Travelocity website is a PITA!
I went and checked Orbitz. I first put in dates for a two week trip, leave on a Saturday, fly back on a Sunday. The prices were a little pricey. I the put in fly out on Saturday, fly back on a Monday. The prices came down. I checked Priceline and Expedia, but Orbitz looked like they had the best prices. I considered using Priceline’s thing where you choose the price, but it just scares me. Maybe I should try it some time, and just pick low prices.
I found a low price of $268 on Orbitz for doable dates, so I selected it. Their system worked for a bit, and told me the prices had changed, and showed me new prices starting at over $300. The same flights were listed, just more expensive. Ugh! I kept playing with it, trying different dates, such as leave on a Thursday, return on a Monday. I tried the nearby airports option. I found a great deal flying out of Rochester, and flying back into Buffalo! But my car would be in Rochester, not Buffalo! LOL!
I started playing with flying out of Buffalo. The prices got better. I finally found a good price for flying out of Buffalo on a Saturday afternoon, and then flying out of Seattle on a Monday night. We will sometimes fly out of Buffalo if the prices are worthwhile. Never in the winter though. In the winter, there is too much risk of a snow storm or something. But I am doubting there will be a blizzard in June!

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