As a graduation gift, we told my niece that we would fly her out from Seattle to Rochester to visit us, and just to let us know when. She sent us an email with dates that she want to fly out. But she through a wrinkle into the plan by wanting to fly in to Rochester, but fly out of New York City on the way back (she wants to visit a friend in NYC). I usually book flights online through Orbitz, or another online travel site. I didn’t even think this was possible short of booking a couple more expensive one-way flights.
But I was playing around on Orbitz yesterday and found they do allow you to do it. Under the flights tab, you can choose either Round-trip, One-way, or multi-city. I chose multi-city. It allowed me to research flights flying from Seattle to Rochester, and then from NYC (all New York area airports) back to Seattle. I didn’t have to have the origin of the second leg be the same as the destination of the first leg.
I found an itinerary that look doable, and emailed it to her. Hopefully it will be acceptable for her.