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We had planned to go to a Japanese restaurant to celebrate our wedding anniversary. But when we arrived, we found that restaurant closed. We didn’t want to go to any of the many chain restaurants in the area (Hard Rock, Tony Roma’s, Red Lobster, etc). When we travel, we like to eat at more local type restaurants. We drove around the area looking for a restaurant that looked interesting. One with an interesting name caught our attention. It was called something like Whiskey Nick’s Texas Bar & Grill. The parking lot was nearly empty. As we walked through the door, the cigarette smoke assaulted our nostrils. We immediately turned around and left.
We drove around some more. We visited and left another restaurant named Jack Tanner’s Grill House as the menu didn’t appeal to us. Their parking lot was also pretty empty.
We had passed a place called Mick & Angelo’s Eatery & Bar. It sounded interesting so we stopped. The parking lot was pretty full. We parked and went inside. We were taken to a table, and given menus. The tables are all pretty close together. The menu was filled with interesting foods. They had everything from appetizers, to pastas, to steaks. We saw exciting looking foods being brought to other people’s tables. There were these cool looking garlic cheese breads and I think a bruschetta bread formed in a big ring wrapped around a bowl in the center filled with a dip.
The atmosphere was interesting. There were families, and next to us were a few rough looking guys using colorful language. The one guy did apologize though when he started getting a little louder, and more profane.
I wasn’t sure what to order. I asked the waitress, and she suggested a Linguine Chicken Tettrazini. My wife ordered a Seafood Manicotti. For an appetizer we ordered Escargot Mushroom Caps. They came with soup or salads. We didn’t like the soup choices, so got the salads, but we upgraded to Caesar salads.
All the food we got was fantastic. The portions were large, and we were stuffed! The service was pretty good. Not quite the romantic atmosphere that we were hoping for, but the food was great.
Mick & Angelo’s Eatery & Bar is located at 7600 Lundy’s Lane, Niagara Falls, ON, Canada. Phone: (905) 357-6543.

My wife and I are staying up in Niagara Falls on the Canadian side to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary. Today is our anniversary, and we wanted to go somewhere nice for dinner. We found a card for Suisha Gardens Japanese Restaurant at the tourism desk of our hotel. The card said "Your table is our kitchen". That sounded like fun. On our first Valentines Day together, we went to Benihana’s Of Tokyo back in Seattle. They cooked at our table, and we enjoyed ourselves. So I thought going to a restaurant like that for our anniversary would be fun and romantic. We didn’t know if the restaurant required reservations, or had a dress code. I asked the woman at the tourism desk of our hotel about the restaurant, and whether they had a dress code, or required a reservation. She said no reservations needed, and no dress code. Great!
We got our car, and headed off. The Suisha Gardens card had a little map, plus the lady at the tourism gave us a map. We found our way to the restaurant with no problems. At first I was not sure if we on the right street as it didn’t seem a restaurant would be there. But we saw the sign. We pulled into the parking lot. It was empty. Why was it empty? It was about 5:30pm. I thought maybe it might open a little later? We walked around to the entrance. The sign with the days and times announced they were closed on Mondays. What? What kind of restaurant closes on Mondays? Maybe they could have included this little piece of information on their card? So what sounded like a fun evening, turned into a complete disappointment! Suisha Gardens will be open tomorrow night, but they won’t get our business. We found another restaurant that was actually open on a Monday night.

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