We debated long an hard about which excursion to do in Belize. They had a canopy tour (zip-lining), which we ended up doing in Costa Rica. My brother and his family wanted to go snorkeling. But my wife and I have been snorkeling many times on previous cruises and wanted to do something different. It was also our anniversary that day, so some alone time would be nice. We chose to go cave tubing in Belize.
The bus ride to the cave tubing location took a little over an hour. We stopped at a restaurant where we rented lockers to store our stuff. We were also issued headlamps. They were kind of weak headlamps, and I missed my Prince Tec Vortec with halogen bulb. I also put my digital camera in an Ewa-Marine camera bag. Then we were back on the bus.
After a short bus ride, we got off, got our tubes and life-vests, and began a half hour hike to the starting location. We actually crossed the river at the place where we would finish. There was a rope to use as a handhold. Along the hike we saw tiny fruit bats hanging from a cave ceiling. I also tripped on a rock, and gashed my hand on a thorny tree. I was a little concerned about what kind of germs I might have picked up in the Belize jungle!
Pretty son we reached the river. We floated our tubes, and climbed on to them. Then we were floating into a big limestone cave.
The Ewa Marine bag didn’t work very well. It didn’t work at all in the cave when I needed to use the flash (flashed reflected off the inside of the glass). Then my camera stopped working as the bag jammed the lens, and it would not extend or retract.. I thought my camera was toast! I did manage to get it working later on.
We floated casually through the cave, using our arms to move us along a little faster. It was a lot of fun. For a lot of the float, I hooked my feet onto my wife’s tube, and pulled her along while I paddled.

We continued to float down the river until we reached the point where we had previously crossed. I got out. My wife got stuck swirling around a whirlpool, and one of the guys had to help her get free.

I managed to get my camera working again, by turning it off and on repeatedly, and slapping it lightly on the palm of my hand.
We went back to the restaurant and got our stuff from the locker. We changed into dry clothes, and then were given a lunch of fried banana, rice and beans, roasted chicken, potato salad and a fruit drink. The fried banana was kind of gross, but the rest of the food was delicious! We relaxed here for about an hour, before board the bus back to the ship.
Our Belize cave tubing excursion was a blast, and I look forward to cave tubing in other ports of call!