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As a graduation gift, we told my niece that we would fly her out from Seattle to Rochester to visit us, and just to let us know when. She sent us an email with dates that she want to fly out. But she through a wrinkle into the plan by wanting to fly in to Rochester, but fly out of New York City on the way back (she wants to visit a friend in NYC). I usually book flights online through Orbitz, or another online travel site. I didn’t even think this was possible short of booking a couple more expensive one-way flights.
But I was playing around on Orbitz yesterday and found they do allow you to do it. Under the flights tab, you can choose either Round-trip, One-way, or multi-city. I chose multi-city. It allowed me to research flights flying from Seattle to Rochester, and then from NYC (all New York area airports) back to Seattle. I didn’t have to have the origin of the second leg be the same as the destination of the first leg.
I found an itinerary that look doable, and emailed it to her. Hopefully it will be acceptable for her.

I brought my laptop with me on our anniversary trip to Niagara Falls, Canada. One of the first things I did when I got to the hotel was to set up my laptop computer, and turn it on. My computer detected two wi-fi connections. The first was from the Marriott hotel we were staying at, and the second was displayed as Free Public WiFi. I first tried the hotel connection. I connected right away, and got a page asking for a pin #. I called the front desk, and found they charged $20 a day for internet access. I told them I would think about it. (I lied). I tried connecting to the Free Public WiFi, and successfully connected. But every time I tried to connected to a web page, I get a message saying server not found. I tried a couple more times over the next day. I finally gave up trying, and resigned myself to being without internet access until we get home. I will only be without it for a few days. I had planned to upload posts to my blogs while on our trip, but typed them all into a Word document instead. I will upload them when I get home.
If I had planned ahead, I could have gotten a list of free WiFi spots around Niagara Falls before we left home. I have done that on some other trips. I have seen these cool little electronic devices that detect WiFi hotspots. I almost bought one back in November. Maybe when we get home tomorrow, I will look into getting one of them. They probably wont tell me if the WiFi location is free, but if I find one, I can also always boot up my laptop computer and see. I am guessing there is also some software that I can load onto my laptop to look for WiFi spots as I drive around. I will look into something like that too when I get home tomorrow.

This is our last night in Niagara Falls, and we wanted to try something different. We always try to eat at places we can’t eat at where we live. We also try to avoid big chain restaurants. Tonight took us to a place named the Flying Saucer Restaurant.
The Flying Saucer Restaurant appears to be an old diner. It is silver, has two round sections on each side, and can probably use a paint job. Inside the one round section, about a dozen or more booths lined the walls. The restaurant was clean, but can probably use fresh paint, and maybe a little updating inside. But it looks like an old 50s or 60s diner. It very well may have been here that long?
It was about 6pm when we arrived. A few of the booths were occupied when we entered. We were seated at a booth and given menus. The music being played was current stuff. She took our drink orders, and ask small medium or large. I am guessing they don’t do free refills. I ordered the Steak and Ribs which was a 8oz charbroiled New York steak and a half rack of ribs. My wife chose the Haddock & Shrimp. We had a choice of fries, mashed potatoes or baked potato. We both chose the fries. We also had a choice of garden salads or Caesar salads. We both chose the Caesar salad. She also asked if we wanted cheese on our garlic bread, and we said yes.
The Caesar salads and garlic bread came out first. The garlic bread with the cheese was good. The Caesar salads were good, but not great. They needed more bite, a little more garlic, and anchovy. But then we are pretty picky when it comes to Caesar salads.
Then our meals came out. The portion sizes were very good. My steak was very good. The ribs were okay. I have had better, and I have had worse. Again, we have been spoiled when it comes to ribs. It’s hard to find ribs that come close to the ones we had at Dreamland BBQ in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The fries were good, and green beans were very good also (lots of butter). My wife said her shrimp were slightly overcooked. She said her haddock was pretty good. She didn’t manage to finish her meal before she was full. I finished mine, and was stuffed.
It wasn’t fine dining by any stretch of the imagination. But the food was good, and the prices reasonable, especially compared to many of the overpriced restaurants in the area. This seems to be the kind of restaurant locals would come to.
The Flying Saucer Restaurant is located at 6768 Lundy’s Lane, Niagara Falls, ON, Canada. Phone: (905) 356-4553.

I hate exchanging money. I never know how much to exchange. I risk not exchanging enough, more likely exchanging too much, and than having to exchange it back. And exchanging currency back and forth costs a percentage of the money.
Fortunately, many places where US tourists go will take US money. I prefer to pay with my credit card. That seems to get the best exchange rate. But some places list prices both in Canadian currency as well as US currency. For instance, at our hotel, there is a small Starbucks Coffee stand. They listed prices both in Canadian, and in US. My wife got a coffee, and I got a frapicino. We paid in US currency, but got our change in Canadian money. Not sure why as they had US money in the drawer.
This afternoon we stopped at a Dairy Queen in Niagara Falls on the Canada side. They had an ATM, but it was out of order. They didn’t take credit cards. And they didn’t "exchange" money. But they would take US money at Canadian value. So our food came up to about $18 Canadian. They would take $18 US. I did have about $6 Canadian money, so I used that, and just coughed up an additional $12 US money. I kind of felt like I was getting ripped off a little bit. I figure our food cost us an extra few bucks. I supposed we could have gone somewhere else.
But I really like to avoid using currency when possible and just use my credit card, or debit card. It just makes life easier.

We had planned to go to a Japanese restaurant to celebrate our wedding anniversary. But when we arrived, we found that restaurant closed. We didn’t want to go to any of the many chain restaurants in the area (Hard Rock, Tony Roma’s, Red Lobster, etc). When we travel, we like to eat at more local type restaurants. We drove around the area looking for a restaurant that looked interesting. One with an interesting name caught our attention. It was called something like Whiskey Nick’s Texas Bar & Grill. The parking lot was nearly empty. As we walked through the door, the cigarette smoke assaulted our nostrils. We immediately turned around and left.
We drove around some more. We visited and left another restaurant named Jack Tanner’s Grill House as the menu didn’t appeal to us. Their parking lot was also pretty empty.
We had passed a place called Mick & Angelo’s Eatery & Bar. It sounded interesting so we stopped. The parking lot was pretty full. We parked and went inside. We were taken to a table, and given menus. The tables are all pretty close together. The menu was filled with interesting foods. They had everything from appetizers, to pastas, to steaks. We saw exciting looking foods being brought to other people’s tables. There were these cool looking garlic cheese breads and I think a bruschetta bread formed in a big ring wrapped around a bowl in the center filled with a dip.
The atmosphere was interesting. There were families, and next to us were a few rough looking guys using colorful language. The one guy did apologize though when he started getting a little louder, and more profane.
I wasn’t sure what to order. I asked the waitress, and she suggested a Linguine Chicken Tettrazini. My wife ordered a Seafood Manicotti. For an appetizer we ordered Escargot Mushroom Caps. They came with soup or salads. We didn’t like the soup choices, so got the salads, but we upgraded to Caesar salads.
All the food we got was fantastic. The portions were large, and we were stuffed! The service was pretty good. Not quite the romantic atmosphere that we were hoping for, but the food was great.
Mick & Angelo’s Eatery & Bar is located at 7600 Lundy’s Lane, Niagara Falls, ON, Canada. Phone: (905) 357-6543.

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