My wife and are planning a driving trip around New England. We have done this before, and when we did, we plotted the whole trip out using Delorme’s Map’N’Go software. It was great! Just set little stopping points at various areas. Create a route between them. It would show stuff to see along the way. We have found lots of interesting things along the way like this that we wouldn’t have known about otherwise.
Occasionally, we would change points around, etc. It was easy to use, and then we could print out maps, and trip ticks.
I pulled out my copy of Map’n’Go, and installed it on my new computer. I got all kinds of warnings about current versions of stuff on my computer being newer than waht was being installed. I told it to leave the newer versions. I looked at the CD case, and found the software was from 2000. I search the web, and wasn’t finding newer versions of Map’n’Go. It looks like maybe Delorme has discontinued Map’n’Go. I am thinking they maybe rolled all of the featrues fron Map’N’Go into their Street Atlas USA software.
I have an older version of Street Atlas USA. I think it is also from 2000. I have started looking at buying Street Atlas USA 2007. There is a CDROM version, and a DVD version which includes phone numbers and addresses. I don’t think I will need that, so I will probably just get the CD-ROM version. I hope hat it will allow me to do all of the stuff Map’N’Go did. Maybe I will call or email Delorme, and ask them.