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On my recent river cruise we spent a day in the 1000 Islands after over-nighting anchored to a private buoy in the middle of the river. Most of the time was spent steaming through the river and watching all of the islands and summer “cottages”. Some of the island homes covered almost all of the land leaving very little land to garden. ( A good thing for those of us who do not like to spend the time on upkeep). Others where large with castles on them. Like Boldt Castle on Heart Island, a house that George Boldt was building for his wife Louise. Before it house was finished Louise suddenly passed away. Mr. Bodlt stopped all construction and never returned. The 1000 Islands Bridge Authority took over the Castle and is working on re-stabilizing it back to the condition it was in. It is a nice place to tour and many people have their weddings there in the summers. There are other “castles” and even small international bridges which connect two small islands together that are on both sides of the border between the US and Canada. While in the 1000 Islands make sure to stop at Gananoque and the Heritage Center of the 1000 Islands.

Stops along the way on the Canandian Empress where enjoyable. They included a private bouy in the 1000 Islands where you could spend the night watching all the stars that you can’t see in the city.Then on to Gananaoque and the Heritage Center of the 1000 Islands (a wonderful SMALL muesum where you learned lots of stuff about the area).Third was The 1000 Island Sky Deck near Brockport, with a panoramic view of the Thousand Islands and the bridges that contact the US and Cananda. Movins further north to Brockville and the Fulford Mansion built by the money made marketing “Pink Pills for Pale People”. Prescott and Fort Wellington, which was built orginally in the 1600’s and used until the late 1800’s. (A very well done tour with even the shooting of a cannon has it would have been done during the 1840’s if the cannons had been fired during an act of war). Upper Canada Village, one of the best living musuems that I have ever been to and I really wanted to spend more time there. Montreal and the Basilica of Notre Dame as well as a tour through the city to Mount Royal (that was fogged in). The Catherdral in Three Rivers, and the Shrine Notre-Dame-du-Cap (Our Lady of the Cape). The last stop was Quebec City and tours that we booked through the hotel.

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