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Years ago, I signed up for a US Air Frequent Flyer card. I took a few flights, and racked up some miles. Later, I had a bunch of points from a AT&T long distance program. I used the points to purchase more miles, giving more over 28,000 miles, enough for a free domestic flight. I was told they wouldn’t expire. Great! But I haven’t had a chance to use them. Since my wife and I fly together most of the time, I haven’t wanted to buy one ticket, and use the frequent flyers miles for the other. Too many problems. Or when we have flown separately, we haven’t had a any lead time to order a ticket. So I have just saved it.
But I have been planning a trip to Las Vegas to visit my dad, and run in the Las Vegas Marathon. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to use the miles! I called up, and it told me my card number was invalid. The number on my wife’s newer US Airways card had letters and numbers, my US Air only had numbers.
The woman at US Airways managed to located my new account number, and gave it to me. She told me that I needed to use my US Airways dividend miles as soon as possible, or I could lose them.
I called back and tried to find flights that would work. I wanted to fly in on Friday so that I could go from the airport, pickup my runners packet at Mandalay Bay, and head to my dad’s and rest on Saturday. But the flight arrived too late. I looked at Thursday flights, but the times were bad. I ended up choosing a Saturday morning flight. After I booked it, I noticed there was only a 40 minute layover between flights. I will cross my fingers and hope there are no problems. Checking US Airways website, there are two other flights from Charlotte, NC (where my layover is) to Las Vegas that would probably get me there in time to get my runner’s packet.
Choosing a flight home was easier. I am red-eyeing out the following Saturday night. That will give me a week to hang out with my dad. And the total cost was $15 to book it! Yeah! That’s a lot better than the $325 it would have cost to purchase the tickets! :)

It took me a while to figure out how many Sea Miles points I have earned on my Carnival Sea Miles credit card. I see by a few comments on my site that other people are frustrated trying to find this information as well.

There are two ways to find out how many points you have:
Call 1-877-732-6453 (the Sea Miles people), and they can tell you how many Sea Miles points you have earned. They also set up my online account.

Go to
Where is says USERNAME, type in the member ID from your Sea Miles card. It will start with a J (it’s at the bottom of the front of my card).
Click “Login”.
You’ll get a message that the login failed. But on this screen, you will see “New Member? Register Today!”. Click there, and follow the directions.

*** An account of the site is different than your account on the site. But they are tied together. You will see your credit card balance on the site, and your earned Sea Miles on the site.

I was flipping through the TV channels. I watched Jerry McGuire for a while (for the umpteenth time). Then I switched channels, and stopped on Airline on A&E. I have seen it before on occasion. Sometimes the people on the show tick me off. On one episode, they booted two guys off of the plane. One guy apparently had been drinking. The only thing the other guy appeared to have done was to be sitting next to the guy who been drinking. The captain apparently said kick those two guys off of the plane, and that was it. And just because he was in the wrong place, he got kicked off, and had to wait till the next day. He was pissed off, but then again, I don’t blame him. If I got booted off of a plane for nothing I have done, I would be pissed off too! I wonder if there is some kind of recourse for a situation like this.
On this show, I see many people get kicked off of the planes for having been drinking. I have yet to see them actually give breathalizer or anything. If the Southwest Airlines person thinks the person has been drinking, thats apparently enough. What if the person has some sort of neurological thing going on. Yet, I did see them allow some old guy on the plane who was joking with the staff, and he seemed drunk as a skunk.
Frankly, seeing these bozo’s at Southwest Airlines, makes me not want to fly on that airline at all. Many of the Southwest employees really seem to like abusing their power.

We have been to Las Vegas multiple times, but have never visited any of the casinos right in our own area of New York state. The casinos in Las Vegas are huge and glitzy. They are shows in themselves with erupting volcanoes, water fountains, and fighting pirates. The Finger Lakes Gaming casino is much smaller, and subdued. They had plenty of parking. Our first order of business was to get some dinner. We had been told that their buffet was pretty good. The price of the buffet was $16.99, or $14.99 with a Player Extras card. So we headed over and signed up for Player Extras cards. The cards even came with a little coiled cord, and clip. We got some tickets that we could place into some big drums to be entered to win a tailgate package for a Buffalo Bill’s football game, and also a trip to Australia.
We made our way back to the buffet. After paying (with a $2 off for each of us with our new cards), we were seated at a table. We got plates, filled them with food including prime rib and shrimp, and returned to our table. A waitress came took our drink orders, and brought our drinks shortly. The food was good, not great, but good. And they had a decent variety. It was no comparison to the $5 (or $6-$7 these days) prime rib dinners you find in Las Vegas.
After we were done eating, went out to play some games. Unlike Las Vegas, the Finger Lake Gaming casino is non-smoking! I liked this. I hated it in Vegas when I was sitting playing a game only to have someone sit down next to me and start chain smoking. Yuck! But I didn’t have to deal with this at Finger Lakes Gaming.
They have a great variety of games. My wife likes a slot machine named Larry’s Lobster Trap or something like that. I headed over to find the nickle video poker games. I played for a little while toggling between Jack-Or-Better, Bonus Poker, and Double Bonus Poker. After a while I decided I would like to spend some time with my wife. They have a lot of machines in there, and I wandered around the place a couple times without spotting my wife. I finally asked an employee where the Larry’s Lobster Trap games were, and he pointed me to them. I made my way over, and found my wife. I guess the machine is called Lucky Larry’s Lobster Mania. I sat down, and played the game next to her. After she had gone through $40, and I finished off my $20, we decided we were tired, and headed home.
Overall, it seems to lack the attraction of Las Vegas. Actually in Vegas, we mostly gamble while we are waiting for dinner, or maybe to kill some time. We generally don’t gamble just to gamble. We may go explore a couple of the other area casinos such as Seneca Niagara Casino.
Also, Las Vegas gives comp drinks. I don’t drink alcohol, but it is nice to have some Diet Cokes while I am playing.

On my recent cruise with my Mom and Sisters, I got “conned” into playing a game of giant checkers with my eldest sister. (The middle sister did not want to play… umm lose). On the top deck of the river boat was a giant checker board with large wooden checkers. Since one of the housekeeping staff had mentioned that she had never seen any one play checkers on board. We decided that it should be done and send her pictures after the cruise. It was a nice day out and not much else to do. Except watch the water go by. My sister and I played two games. The first one ended in a draw. (We both played to keep the other from winning and did achieve our goal). The second game ended up with me losing. (But if you are the youngest in your family, you understand that that might be the best way to get your way.) It was a great way to spend some time but no one else want to join in the fun.

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