You would think finding the cheapest hotel price would be easy. I wanted to book a room for two nights at a Comfort Inn in Akron, OH. There are plently of other hotels in Akron, but I have friends that will be staying there as well. So I want to book a room at that particular Comfort Inn.
My firend said AAA rate for two person Double bed room was $56.69 plus taxes. But we dropped our AAA membership after they never showed up when my wife had a flat tire…anyway, that’s a different story.
First I checked I was looking for a room for 2 nights in November, checking in Friday, and checking out on Sunday. There would be just one adult. When I checked yesterday, showed the lowest price at $57. Now, on the first screen, they are showing the “lowest average nightly rate” as $56.69. But when I clicked through, it shows the lowest average nightly rate as $52.19. But as I said, when I looked yesterday, it showed $57.
Next I checked Orbitz. Yesterday, and still today, it showed the price for the Comfort Inn as $57. When I clicked through, the price is actually listed as $57.99. This site however shows the taxes and fees which are $25.83 for the two nights.
Next I go to Comfort Inn’s website to see if I can find a better price there. forwards me to Searching on the website shows me the price for a room will cost from $57.99 to $134.99. There’s that $57.99 price I saw at Orbitz. I check to see what the $134 room is. There are several rooms list for the higher prices. One is a suite with a room divider, and another has a 2-person whirlpool in bath. That would be cool, but I don’t need it, and I am looking for the cheapest rate.
Then I decided to check PriceLine. Let’s see what William Shatner has for me. After putting in the place, and dates, I have to sort by hotel name to locate the listed for the comfort in. The listing only shows Comfort Inn Akron, and I have to click through to see if it is the right one (there are several Comfort Inns in the area). It is the correct one, but the average price is listed as $62. Yesterday, I was thinking I could bid on a price, but I didn’t see it. Today, I see where I could have done it. But I am not sure how it would have worked. It might not have let me pick the specific hotel I wanted.
I didn’t check Travelocity yesterday, but I will check them out today for completeness. After entering all my information, I hit search. The results are quickly returned, and I scroll down to find that Travelocity lists the room prices as $62.99. Wow, they are getting worse!
I also check I have never used Expedia before, but what the heck. The first Comfort Inn I find is listed as Comfort Inn West, and shows prices af $53! That’s a great price, but is this the right Comfort Inn? I click “More Lodging Info”, and it has more stuff, but still doesn’t show me the address. On this screen, I click Hotel Information. Even more info about what the hotel offers, but still no address. I go back and click on see hotel on map. Finally at the bottom there is an address, and I find this is not even the right Comfort Inn! I click BACK all the way to the list of hotels. There is also a Comfort Inn Hall Of Fame, but I am pretty sure that isn’t the one I want. I find the Comfort Inn Akron on the second page. It doesn’t show the prices here, so I click prices and availability. The prices listed start at $52.19, but then I realize these are the AAA rates, and senior rates. The standard rates start at $57.99, same as Orbitz. Hmmm…
Well I ended up book my room through Orbitz, mainly because I already had an account there, and I have had good experiences before. If I hadn’t already booked the room yesterday, I may have researched the prices at a little more.