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I talked with my brother, and he seems to want to try blimbing Mt Rainier. But he said he thought August might be better than June. It will probably be warmer anyway. So I left him to think about. I am planning on being back in Seattle in June, but I can always fly out for another week to climb Mt Rainier and hang out.
Meanwhile, I keep training. I have been doing miles on my treadmill everyday. I decided that I would also train for a marathon while I was at it. I have probably been doing around 40 miles a week, not sure. I need to keep better records. Last night, I did a 6 mile walk/jog on the treadmill, plus another 2 mile walk out on the road with my wife and dog. I am supposed to do 8 miles on the treadmill tonight. The treadmill work is all done with a heart monitor to make sure I stay in the proper zones. Lots of fun. Instead of posting all about my training on my travel blog, I put up another blog dedicated to fitness and sports at

It apparently is going to get more expensive to cruise to Alaska. On Tuesday, Alaska passed a bunch of taxes and environmental regulations for large cruise ships. These include a $50 tax on each cruise passenger. There will also be taxes on the corporate earnings of the cruise lines as well as gambling revenues when the ships are in the state’s waters.

Carnival Cruise Lines Chief Executive Micky Arison said “We believe this will inhibit the future growth and expansion of Alaska’s tourism business.”

Cruise lines are already facing slowdowns and higher fuel costs.

I have been training on a treadmill to prepare for a climb of Mt Rainier next year. Also to improve my health and fitness. I have a book titled High Performance Heart: Effective Training with the HRM for Health, Fitness and Competition that talks about training witha heart monitor which i also bought. I have been walking on the treadmill everyday, sometimes twice a day. When I say walk, I mean a brisk walk of about 4 miles per hour. Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. But I have been trying to keep my heart rate around 130-140. In the short time I have been doing this, I have had to increase my speed to keep my HR in the same range. I am getting to the point where I almost need to jog. It is kind of hard to walk at 4.4mph. But when I jog, my HR goes up, and then I start to walk again. But soon, I hope to be able to jog, and keep my HR in my aerobic range.
But as I was on the treadmill the one day (I did about 6.5 miles while watching a movie), I was thinking that maybe a marathon could be fun. I have never run a Marthon. I have never even run a half marathon. I thought why not do the Boston Marthon! Thats the big one. I figured I could do 26.2 miles. So what if it took me 6 hours. So I decided to do the Boston Marathon. But maybe I got a little ahead of myself. I went to website for the Boston Marathon, and found that it is on April 16th. Eight months. I have eight months to train. No problem. But then after further research, I found that you need to QUALIFY for the Boston Marathon! I would have to run (yes RUN) another marathon in 3 hours 20 minutes! So much for the thought of 6 hours! Some calculations reveal that I would have to average about 7.86MPH! I might be able to do that by April. But the problem is that I would have to do it faster than that as I would need to race another marathon earlier than that. It might already be too late to qualify for the April 2007 marathon. I don’t know. I could maybe try for the 2008 marathon. I would have to travel to one of the qualifying marathons such as in Toronto or New York. Meanwhile, I bought a book on how to train for a marathon titled Four Months To A Four Hour Marathon. Of course, I will have to do better than 4 hours to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I also ordered another book titled The Looniness of the Long Distance Runner: An Unfit Londoner’s Attempt to Run the New York City Marathon from Scratch. I think it would be fun to have run a marathon. It would also be good training for my climbing and karate tournaments.

Whenever we fly to Las Vegas, we spend most of our time out in Pahrump where my dad lives. We always visit the Pahrump Valley Winery, and buy a case of wine. We have looked at having the wine shipped, but the costs are prohibitive. So we buy the wine there, and bring it back as carry on luggage. But with the new rules banning liquids in carry on luggage, this is not possible. Will the new rules stay around, or be softened after while? I am guessing they are here to stay, though they may start allowing things like toothpaste, or ointments. But I am guess the days of bringing a case of wine onto the plane as carry-on luggage are over. I supposed we could always check the wine as checked luggage. But I am a little leery of this. Who know if the wine will show up at the final destination intact, or even show up at all? If I can’t bring the wine with me back to New York, I probably wont be buying the wine in Pahrump, NY. We probably also won’t be bring bottles of rum back from the Caribbean. It just wont be worth the hassles. Maybe just batter to buy it here for the higher price, than mess with the new security rules!

Lost luggage isn’t quite accurate. It was more like delayed luggage, or maybe misplaced luggage. I have had it happen twice.
The first time flying on Delta Airlines from Rochseter, NY to Las Vegas, NV via Atlanta. There was heavy weather on the east coast, and many flights were delayed. Our flight to Atlanta was delayed almost 45 mintues. When we got to Atlanta, we were told not to worry as all of the flights flying out of Atlanta were delayed too. Ummm…yeah, right. As we got into the terminal, we found our flight was currently in final boarding (on time)…and it was in another terminal! We ran halfway across the airport! They stopped me, and searched my bag at the walkway to the plane. But we managed to get on the plane. Our plane was a left the gate, be we were into line to take off. When we got to Vegas, only one of our bags showed up. We went to the little office, and reported our bag. It was confirmed quickly that it was still in Atlanta. She asked where we were staying, and I told here that we were staying in Pahrump (about an hour out of Vegas) at my fathers. They said they would deliver it the next morning, and gave me a number to call. The next morning I called and was told they would not deliver my bag. I told them that I was told that they would deliver it. After some discussion, they agreed to deliver it that evening. I remember thinking when the guy showed up, whether I was supposed to tip the guy, but he dropped the bag ont he step and left. I don’t even remember if he knocked or rang the bell.
The next time I had delayed luggage was about a week ago. I was flying on United Airlines from Knoxville, TN to Rochester, NY through Washington Dulles. My flight from Knoxville was delayed about 45 minutes. But I was supposed to hav about an hour and a quarter layover in Washington. I though half an hour should be enough to transfer luggage. But then my flight to Rochester was delayed about 30 minutes. So they had about an hour to transfer the bags. When I arrived in Rochester, I was to the baggage claim. Luggage was coming off the belt, and then finally the belt stopped, but I never saw my luggage. There were about dozen other people who didn’t get their bags either. I filled out a form. On my way home from the airport, I stopped and bought some new dress shoes to wear to work the next day since mine were in the delayed bag. Instead of having them deliver my bags to my home, I had them deliver them to my work, so I knew someone would be there to recieve them. They were supposed to be delivered by 11am, but they showed up at close to noon.
Delayed baggage can really be frustrating.

Added 8/16/2006 – Coincidently, yesterday my sister-in-law flew into Rochester (from Seattle via Chicago) to go on a Canadian river cruise with my wife. Her flight arrived about 6pm, but her luggage didn’t make it. We were told that there was another flight coming in from Chicago around 10pm, and her luggage should be on it. We made arrangements with the American Eagle people to deliver the luggage to my house. Since my wife and my sister in law were leaving for the river cruise today around noon, we told that we needed the luggage this morning. He said that he would try to have the guy deliver the luggage last night, probably after midnight. We said that was fine. It never came. We kept an eye out for it this morning, but it hadn’t shown up by the time I left for work. My sister-in-law called, and was told it was being delivered. Due to the smallish size of the bag, she could have carried it on. But due to new security restrictions about liquids in carry-ons, she checked it. Hopefully it shows up before they need to begin their drive to meet the ship.
*her bag finally showed up between 10:30 and 11am*

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