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When is Love Boat going to be out on DVD? You can get almost every other TV series in the world on DVD, but not Love Boat. I just checked Amazon, and it allowed me to sign up for a notification if Love Boat is released on DVD. I just can’t believe it isn’t out already. You can get Fantasy Island on DVD (talk about a travel show!).
Love Boat probably inspired me to choose a cruise for our honeymoon more than anything else. I don’t know why. I just always enjoyed the show, and the cruises looked like a lot of fun. It not like I expected to meet Captain Stubing, Gopher, Doc, or Julie. But it just looked like it would be really cool to see all of those places. Julie was a lot cuter than any of the real-life cruise directors I have seen. I have a better chance of meeting “Julie” now as Lauren Tewes works as a cheese steward in Seattle where I get back to visit every couple years.
I can’t wait till they finally bring the Love Boat series out on DVD! I guess for now, I will have to be satisified with actually taking cruises. Life is hard!

*update 1/27/08*
The first season of Love Boat is finally available for pre-order on DVD!
Love Boat DVD
Click here to see it at!!!

My old cheap hiking boots have about had it. I bought them at Target a few years for about $20 or $30. The brand name is Cherokee which I think is a store brand. I have done a ton of hiking in them. But when in the rocky terrain of climbing Cascade Mountain, they offered little ankle support. There is also a small hole in the leather on the outside of the right boot. Not sure if it happened on the mountain as I hadn’t noticed it until after I came back down. They have been good boots for what I have done, and I might keep them around for a few particular, really messy geocaches. But I want to get something better.
With plans of climbing more of the Adirondack High Peaks and the possible climbing halfway up Mt Rainier next year, I want some good hiking boots. Boots that are designed for what I will be doing. But I know nothing about hiking boots.
I stopped in at my local Dick’s Sporting Goods store. It took a while to get help. They didn’t have a big selection, and the girl working in that area didn’t know anything about hiking boots either. She said they will get a larger selection of boots in the Fall. So I stopped into another Dick’s that was close to my work. They had a slightly larger selection of hiking boots. I never did get the guy to come help me. He was helping someone else, then just sort of dissappeared into the back room.
I have looked online, and found some great deals on hiking boots. But I hesitate to buy them online not knowing how they will fit when I actually get them. Also, I still don’t know what type of boots will be best for the types of hiking I am planning on doing. If I am going to be spending the money on new boots, I might as well get the right ones.
I called Dick’s Sporting Goods via a phone number I found on their web site. I talked to a nice girl named Tammy and she gave me a couple suggestions. She said the Hi-Tec Ascent II boot would probably work well for me. Also the Salomon Mega Trek is supposed to be good. I read a review of the Hi-Tec Ascent and it sound like a fairly solid but relatively inexpensive boot.
After work, I headed over to Eastern Mountain Sports. They had Asolo, Montrail, and their own brand EMS. The boots were slightly more expensive, but they people there seem to be more knowledgable.
Yet another Dick’s Sporting Goods was across the hall. They had a slightly better selection, but still not what I was looking for.
Then I went across the road to Gander Mountain. They had a very good selection. Brands such as Columbia Sports, Vasque. And a brand named Irish Setter? The guy was helpful, but I think he was more of a salesman then knowledgable.
I have decided that whatever boots I get, I want Vibram souls, and Gore-Tex. Right now I am leaning to the Montrail at Eastern Mountain Sports. The Montrail Torre GTX boots have gotten pretty good reviews. I am sure they will be better able to fit me properly. I could get the boots cheaper online, but when you figure in shipping, and stuff, and the personal service, I will probably be better of at Eastern Mountain Sports. Maybe I will head over there tonight after work.

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