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Having climbed a couple small mountains here in New York, I had an idea. Someday I want to climb Mt Rainier, but the cost is pretty steep. But I still want to do it sometime. But I was thinking that next year, a hike up to Camp Muir might be fun and doable. Maybe stay the night up there, and come back down the next day. Camp Muir is one of the high camps for the climb to the summit of Mt Rainier. It is located at the halfway point between Paradise and the summit. It’s elevation is 10,188 feet, and requires an ascent of about 4,700 feet over a 4.5 mile hike. I emailed my brother in Seattle and he thought it sounded interesting. I don’t think I would need much in the way of expensive equipment. I have a medium sized external frame backpack. I might want to get a better sleeping bag, and a better jacket. I have a good quality 2 person tent designed for back packing. A few posts I read suggested crampons and an ice axe, neither of which I own, but probably wouldn’t be too expensive. Not sure. I would have to do more research into the whole thing. There are probably some books that would tell me exactly what to bring. All of my stuff is back here NY. I suppose I could box the stuff and ship it back to Seattle before the trip. I definately want to do more climbing back here. Maybe play a bit on the Adirondack High Peaks. A little closer to home is the Hi Tor region down by Naples, NY. Lots of steep climbing terrain to play on.

I ordered a couple books that should give me some idea on what’s involved: Hiking Mount Rainier National Park by Heidi Schneider and Mary Skjelset. Also Day Hike! Mount Rainier by Ron C. Judd.

I love barbeque ribs! I love finding little out of the way rib places. So I was excited as we were coming into the area and I saw the billboard advertising Tail O’ The Pup and their BBQ. I had to try it. They are located on Route 86, halfway between Lake Placid & Saranac Lake in Plattsburgh, NY 12901 (518-891-0777).
My wife and I had just finished climbing Cascade Mountain (I climbed, she only made it a half mile in), and were on our way back to the campground near Tupper Lake. We wanted to find a restroom and something to eat. As we passed Tail O’f The Pup, I said let’s go there. I had originally thought dinner would be good, but since we were here at lunch time, what the heck!
We took turns using the restrooms, while the other stayed at a table with our eye on our dog in the car. Be aware that the lock on the men’s room doesn’t seem to work, and you need to use the latch. I found this when the door came flying open as I was sitting on the john.
Then we prepared to order. The signature dish seemed to be the King Eddie’s Crown Rack Ribs (serves 2). So we ordered it, and a couple soft drinks. The servers were all cute girls, and the service was very good. The food came pretty fast. The rack of ribs came rolled into a tight circle pinned together with skewers. It was filled with, and surrounded by cross-cut fries. It also came with a couple ears of corn on the cob, and a couple plastic cups of cole slaw. It was an interesting presentation.

Tail O' The Pup-King Eddie's Crown Rack Ribs

I tried the ribs. The first thing I noticed was a burnt taste. There was a sub-flavor of burned grease. Yuck! There was a bottle of the BBQ sauce on the table, and this helped. But that burning grease taste was always there. The fries were okay. Having braces, I had to slice the corn off of the cob to eat it which was slow and messy, but I thought the corn was okay. My wife didn’t care for the corn though. She ate some of the cole slaw (I don’t like cole slaw) and said it was just okay.
The whole meal cost over $30 with tip. Kind of expensive for what we got. I was kind of disappointed by the ribs. Maybe the burned grease taste was unusual. Maybe they had a small flare up on the grill as they were preparing them. I don’t know. But I probably won’t eat eat there again.

My wife and I were planning to go camping in the Adirondack High Peaks region. I looked for campgrounds near Lake Placid and Saranac Lake. I found a KOA but it was up around Wilmington, and I wanted to find something with a shorter drive from Rochester, NY. I found another campground with all kinds of amenities, but as I tried to book, I found it required a 3 day minimum stay. Darn it. I found another campground, but found that the tent sites were located on islands and you needed a boat to reach them (good thing I read more before booking one). Then I tried Rollins Pond Campground. It is a state campground. I went ahead a booked a site.
There are two campgrounds here: Fish Creek Pond Campground & Rollins Pond Campground. Fish Creek Pond Campground is more family oriented, and has it’s site located directly on the pond, and are all squished close together. Rollins Pond Campground offers more quiet, and has buffers between the sites.
As we arrived in the area, we found that we had to drive through Fish Creek Pond Campground, to reach the entrance of Rollins Pond Campground. There were about half a dozen cars in front of us at the check in. The check in process was agonizingly slow, and took us about us between 20 minutes and half an hour to get in.
We drove to our camp site. 80% of the campsites are located on the water, and the rest are across the road. Our site was not one of the 80% on the water. Reserve America listed our site as Drive Tent Prime. I am still trying to figure out what “Prime” is. The best thing about our site is it was near the bathrooms. The only things found on our site were a picnic table and a cement block firepit that looked kind of busted up.
The bathrooms were dimly lit, and not very clean. Often we found the toilets clogged up. And most of the bathrooms had only toilets and a couple sinks with cold running water. There were also mirrors, but because of the dim lighting, they weren’t extremely helpful.
There were a couple shower buildings at the campground, but we would have had to get into the can, drive to them as they were quite a ways away from our campsite. We never did.
There were water faucets located along the road for campers to use, but these were located a distance apart, and required a short walk to get water.
I looked at fishing in the pond (from a camp site on the water), but the water near shore was too shallow to try fishing from shore, and I didn’t have a boat. There was a place near the entrance where I saw people fishing on a small dock. But I would have had to drive to it, and just never got around to it.
There were a handfull of activities scheduled each day. We checked out one listed as Mountain Pies. We weren’t sure what mountain pies were. So we got in the car, and drove to it as it was a long ways away from our site. Mountain pies seem to be pie filling spread on white bread, and toasted over a fire. We didn’t bother with them, and headed back to our campsite.
Overall, I just wasn’t impressed. I will not likely stay at this campground next time. Maybe I was spoiled by our last trip to Old Forge where we stayed at a private owned campground.

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