I was doing research and started learning about renting Caribbean villas. I was looking at some of the ads for them, the prices, and some of the extras that came with them.
My travel to the Caribbean islands have so far all been on Carnival cruise ships. But when we visited Barbados, we had such a fun time lounging on the beach. We have always thought that we would like to return to Barbados for vacation and spend some time just on that island. When we have talked about it, the idea was always to stay in one of the hotels on the beach. Possibly even at the hotel which we lounged behind.

Some of the interesting Caribbean villas that I read about:
A 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom villa with pool, built on a coral cliff over looking the sea. Includes maid and cook services. Path down to the beach. Rent is $285/night low season.

A secluded villa located in the hills of Barbados. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 10’x25′ pool. Staffed by a maid and a cook. Includes use of owner’s car. Rentals are $215/night low season.

Beachfront villa with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. Includes staff of four: maid, cook, laundress, and gardener. Rent is $370/night low season.

or how about…
A 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom beachfront villa on 2 acres landscaped with gardens. Has a 50′ long pool, and a tennis court. Comes with a staff of 7 (maid, cook, butler, gardener, etc). Extensive library, expansive gym, gourmet kitchen. Rent is only $2250/night low season. (okay, so this one was a little more expensive…)

These are just a few random villas that I picked in Barbados. There are villas throughout the Caribbean, including the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, etc. They might seem expensive at first, but if more than a single couple split the rental costs, it might be about the same at a hotel. So you could go to some resort. Sure it might be all-inclusive, but it would be crowded, and generic. You could stay at some generic hotel or motel. Again, crowded and generic. But imagine staying in a romantic private beachfront villa for a week, with a maid, cook, and gardener. You are not just rent a room, but a home. Now that sounds like luxury!