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Q: What is the fastest ride at Disney World?

Well lets see, the monorail’s top speed is 55 mph, but the generally they cruise at only 40 mph.

I think we can find something faster. At Blizzard Beach water park and tropical-fun Typhoon Lagoon, Walt Disney World guests plunge down Summit Plummet at speeds up to 60 mph. The 120-foot-tall Summit Plummet is the fastest, tallest, free-fall speed slide in the world.

Is there something faster? I think so! At Epcot, Disney’s Test Track, is the longest and fastest ride ever in Walt Disney World history. Test Track screeches through a 150,000-square-foot pavilion with hairpin turns, spirals and spins, with speeds revving to 65 mph.

Wow, 65 mph. Thats pretty fast. Anything faster? Maybe… How about a ride-along with the Richard Petty Driving Experience at Walt Disney World Speedway. This will hit speeds up to 145 mph!

145 mph! I don’t think we will find anything faster than that!

Now I think we know what is the fastest ride at Disney World.

Q: When is hurricane season in the Caribbean?

A: Many people worry about when not to travel to the Caribbean. They worry about hurricanes. I have been in the Caribbean on a cruise ship when there was a hurricane swirling around down there. The cruise ship just stayed out of it’s way. The cruise ships have advanced communications and weather equipment. They know where the hurricane is. The weather on the ship was a little rainy, and the ship rocked a little more, but that was about it. The biggest problem was when we arrived in port in San Juan. They were rushing to get people off the island before the hurricane shut down the airport. We got out okay, but some people got stuck there. It was really no big deal.
It you are going to staying on an island then you may want to be more concerned. If you are on a cruise ship, the cruise ship will just re-route. You may miss and island, or do islands in a different order. They may even substitute a different island than what what was in the original itinerary.

That being said, hurricane season lasts from June 1st to November 30th. It not only affects Caribbean islands but the coasts of Florida and Texas.

Thats the answer to your question of when is hurricane season in the Caribbean.

Q: Where to buy plug adapters for travel to Europe

In the US our electric power is supplied at 120 volts and 60 hz. We have the standard little two prong plugs that are designed to fit into the 120 volt outlets. But if travel to Europe, we will find that the outlets are different, and the voltage, and frequency too. Even if did manage to plug your 120 volt appliance into the 230 volt European outlet, it would likely be damaged. But don’t run off and buy all new stuff that works at 230 volts and 50 hz. If you travel somewhere else such as Japan, they use 100 volts and 50/60 hz. Fortunately they make adaptors. You can actually buy sets of adaptors that will work around the worlds. If you go to, they carry a whole selection of power adaptors. See Amazon selection of travel power adaptors.
If you do buy a converter, make sure you buy one with enough wattage to power the devices you want to power.

I hope this answer your question of where to buy plug adapters for travel to Europe.

Q: How to become a travel agent.

A: There are various ways how to become a travel agent.
You can become an outside agent (independent contractor), but it is a good idea to start as an inside agent or employee and learn the business. You can also build a client base this way. You can simply apply at any of your local travel agencies. There is no official requirement to be certified. You may not even need to have any experience. Travel agents do need to have knowledge of geography and probably sales and computer skills. If the travel agency requires that you have some experience, ask them for some suggestions for a travel school that you might attend. Travel schools can take a few months, but you will get training. They even might have job placement services. There is a standardized test called the Travel Agency Proficiency Test. Some travel schools teach and administer this test. The test is something that may look good your resume.
A travel agency might also take you on a volunteer basis. This is another way to get some experience.
Hopefully you can get a job as a travel agent, and gain some experience. After six months, you can get some more training at travel school, and become a certified travel counselor. There is no requirement for this, but it looks good.

Being a travel agent can bring some nice perks such as travel at discounted rates or being upgraded to luxury accommodation. These are offered by travel carriers and resorts as promotional travel incentives.

Hopefully this article answers your question of how to become a travel agent.

I saw someone ask “Where to go in the caribbean?” Wow, that’s a tough question. I have been to many of the Caribbean islands. It really depends on what you are looking for. Here a list of some of my favorites, and what you might find.

St Thomas: This is probably my favorite! It is the mall of the Caribbean. You can find deals on electronics, jewelry, watches, camera, and even fine china. It also has some beautiful beaches.

Barbados: This is probably my second favorite. All the beaches are public. And it has some really nice beaches. The ocean water is warm like a bathtub. Great for snorkeling.

San Juan: I really liked Old San Juan. Neat little shops, and the fort is very cool. I would have liked to visit the rum factory.

Grand Cayman: Grand Cayman has some of the best diving in the world. Swim with stingrays at Stingray City. Visit the town of Hell and send post cards to your friends. Visit the Tortuga rum cake factory store for free samples (and buy rum cakes). Visit the turtle farm.

Jamaica: You can climb Dunn’s River Falls. Snorkeling is okay. There are tours to Bob Marley’s house. Locals are a bit pushy.

Dominica: A beautiful island made up of tropical rain forest and banana plantations.

St Martin/St Maarten: Half Dutch, half British. Decent snorkling. An interesting blend of two cultures.

There are many Caribbean travel guides that will you more detailed information on the various islands.

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