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To See Every Bird on Earth: A Father, a Son, and a Lifetime Obsession by Dan Koeppel

SUMMARY: Excellent book by a son about his bird watching and listing obsessed father.

I am not really a bird watcher. I have a bird feeder in my back yard and see the birds. I can name some of them. But the author Dan Koeppel’s father is obsessed. I has travelled all over the world seeing and listing over 7000 species of birds. Reading this book kind of makes me want to pay more attention to birds, and see how many different kinds I have in my back yard. But this guy would travel the world, passing by the sights, looking only for birds. There were some interesting sounding birds such as the Monkey Eating Eagle and the Harpy Eagle. Other big listers as they are called are talked about. People who can identify birds simply by thier sounds. They sound like an interesting bunch. I love to travel, and maybe I will pay more attention to birds. But there is no way that I am going to travel halfway around the world JUST to look for birds!
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Having grown up in Seattle, I have been to Mt Rainier many times. One visit in particular stands out. It was in the early 1990’s. I picked up Becky, one of the several girls I was dating at the time. The car I owned at the time was a 1967 Mustang couple. It was pea green (I believe the official name was Ivy Gold), and it was a beater. It was the most unreliable car I have owned. But I loved that car!
Becky and I really didn’t have any plans, so we just started driving. Most of the time you can see the Mt Rainier in the distance. If you lived there, you might say “the mountain is out today.” Without planning it, we found ourselves driving towards Mt Rainier. First we visited Sunrise. We spent a little time at Sunrise, and then continued driving. We drove around the backside of the mountain until we came to Paradise. We spent some time a Paradise, and then we returned home. It was a nice relaxing drive around the mountain, just taking our time. Playing music on the stereo such as The Beach Boys and The Doors. The older music just seem to fit the car and the day perfectly. It was a great day.

On a Carnival cruise I took two years ago, I saw in the daily schedule a meeting for the Friends Of Bill W. First I thought, gee this Bill W must a be a popular guy. Then I thought about it, and decided it was probably a family reunion, and they had enough people to merit lisiting it in the daily activities.
Then on my cruise last month, I again saw a meeting for the Friends Of Bill W. What are the odds? Maybe it was some sort of club. I also saw a meeting for the Friends Of Dorothy. I thought maybe these were groups or people that met through a website like Cruise Critic or some other place. That they had been chatting online for months in anticipation of their upcoming cruise. Wow! Cool! Maybe I could organize a Friends Of RJ meeting! I thought about dropping in one of the meetings just to see what they were.
Fortunatly I didn’t just drop in. Out of curiousity, I did a google search on the Friends Of Bill W, and found this is a code for an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting (AA). Man, would I have been embarrassed! I am surely not an alcoholic. I drank a single strawberry daiquiri during entire 8 day cruise. I prefer Diet Pepsi thanks.
Then I saw what the Friends Of Dorothy was. Whoa! That would have made the Friends Of Bill W meeting look like a great place to be as I would have been completely out of place here!

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