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I got an email today that said Welcome to Your New Carnival Sea Miles MasterCard. So now I can start earning Sea Miles towards a free cruise, or at least discounts towards a cruise. I am not sure if I will get discount offers for cruises. That would be cool. The card hasn’t come yet, but when it does, I can activate it and get 5000 instant sea miles. Then I can transfer the balance from my American Airlines credit card, get Sea Miles for the balance, and then pay it off. Cool!

I have been getting bunch or emails regarding real estate in Costa Rica. I thought it was interesting that I started getting these shortly before we were set to travel down there. When we were in Costa Rica, we were told that a lot of Americans would retire and move to Costa Rica. Apparently Americans can live very cheap down there. I am sure water front real estate is probably still pretty expensive, but inland property can probably be gotten cheap. What would worry me is that it is another country. One day you might own the land, but the next day, the government changes and you suddenly don’t. It was really a nice place to visit, but I am not sure I would want to live there. I know gas was kind of expensive down in Central America. Even more expensive than the US. I think I would miss America. But it was really pretty there. Maybe some vacation property? :)

There used to be an El Torito restaurant in Federal Way Washington where I grew up, but it closed. They made a thin called The Outrageous Chimichanga that I had everytime I went there. A chimchanga is basically a deep fried burrito. The Outrageous Chimichanga is a BIG chimichanga! So when my wife and I were in Anaheim, CA doing the Disneyland and Universal Studios stuff, we saw the El Torito restaurant there. We decided that could be good for dinner. The first thing I noticed was that the Outrageous Chimichanga wasn’t on the menu. I asked the waiter, and he said he would ask the cook. The waiter came back and said the cook would make me one. It was just as good as I remembered it! I think they went beyond good service to great service to make me something that wasn’t even on the menu like that. I left the waiter a nice tip.
When we returned to Anaheim some years later, they again made the Outrageous Chimichanga for me. On this trip we ate there twice during the few days we were in the area. If I get down that way again, I will surely eat there again. Thank you to all the people at the El Torito restaurant at 2020 E. Ball Rd, Anaheim, CA 92805! (ph 714-956-4880)

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