I woke up at 6am with the wake up call. I decided to try to go work out. I headed up to the sun deck. The aerobics room was locked, the gym was locked, the doors up were closed “due to high winds”. The closed “due to high winds” thing gets a little annoying after a while.
I went down to deck 9, and wandered a bit. Then I made my way back to the cabin. and worked on my travel logs. Helen was up by this point.

I took a shower, shaved, brushed my teeth, and finished packing that kind of stuff. We headed to Truffles and got breakfast. I called Jay from a guest phone outside Truffles and I pretended to be from customs. I had him fooled for about 10 seconds, or at least 5. I wanted to see if I could still use my fountain drink card. They didn’t have any diet Coke, but he brought me a can of regular Coke. After breakfast we head back up. We were in our cabin, and Helen heard an announcement in the hall. I opened the door and they were giving debarkation instructions in the hallway. I don’t know why they don’t have them going into the rooms as well. I know they can, because we heard crew drill announcements going into the room earlier in the week.
I called Jay, and he came down to say goodbye. Then we said goodbye to Christin. Then Helen and I head up to the Lido deck to await instructions. I was hoping that we didn’t miss any instructions that were beamed into the hallways and not the rooms. We had been up on deck 9 for a while and hadn’t heard any announcements, but there are tons of people up here sitting with their bags, and eating breakfast. We have time. Our flight leaves Ft Lauderdale at 12 noon.
At close to 9am, we finally heard another announcement for some people to go to the gangway. But not us. The people mentioned were the people from decks 6, 7, and 8.
When it was getting close to 9:30am, I saw a female Carnival employee in a white shirt and epaulettes. I assume she was an officer of some sort. I stopped her and expressed my concern about when we were going to get off, and whether we would make our noon flight. She expressed concern as well and suggested we go to the purser’s desk. So we made our way down to the purser’s desk. Fortunately there was not a line. We explained our situation that we had a noon flight out of Ft Lauderdale, that we were getting concerned about time getting a bit tight. She told us to get into the line at the gangway, and have our tickets out in case someone asks.
We got into line at the gangway, but it wasn’t moving. But after about five minutes they let everyone in the line off.
We walked a bit, and then at our first stop they ran our Sign And Sail cards into the machine. They we continued on. We were in a line, then moved ahead to another line. At the end of this line, the gy checked our passports. As we got through here, we were directed to our luggage which had been left out the night before. I quickly found our two bags.
Now we got into another line. When we made it to the front of this line, the man took our customs form that we had filled out the previous night. He scanned it and asked if everything we bought on the ship and shore was on it. I told him yes, and that most of what we bought was bought on the ship. He asked about alcohol. I told him we had the one bottle of champagne that came as part of our anniversary package. He asked if we bought any cigarettes. I told him no, and I may have made a face of disgust. He passed us on our way.
We were now outside of the building. I asked where we were supposed to go. There were plenty of Carnival employees out here to help us on our way. One of the Carnival people asked where we were going. I told her that we were supposed to be catching a bus to Ft Lauderdale airport. She explained where to find the buses and how to get there. We found the buses, and found another Carnival employee. She directed us to the specific bus that we were to get on.
At the bus we were told to tell the driver which airline we were flying on. So we told the driver that we were flying on Delta. He told us to place our bags in with some other bags in one spot. We did then gave our transportation ticket to another guy and then boarded the bus. Before we left they verified that everyone on the bus was actually going to Ft Lauderdale airport. We all were.
It was a short ride to the airport. At the first stop, the driver named a few airlines, but not Delta. Everyone stayed on the bus until the bags were unloaded. When he was done people the bags out, those people got off. The next stop was ours. Again, he pulled out the bags, then we got off, found our two bags, and then headed into the airport.
Delta was right there. They had lots of eticket machines. We found one, ran my Sky Miles card through it, and it quickly brought up our flight info. We answered a few questions such as how many bags, and then it printed our tickets for us. A guy came over, checked our id, placed routing stickers on our bags, and sent us on the security. It was a short walk, and we turned our bags over the them for screening.
Then we were on our way over to the next security point. One girl checked our passports, marked our tickets and sent us on. The next stop was to go though the metal detectors, and have our stuff x-rayed.
The lady pointed us to a line. Unfortunately we were in a line behind a bunch of older people in wheelchairs, and using walkers. This went very, very slowly. People who been behind us and that were pointed to different lines were long gone before we made it through. As we got through with no problems, we stopped and put our shoes back on.
Just past security there was an airport store. There was a woman there with a table set up doing a book signing for her book Cooking For Mr. Right. Apparently a book for women on how to appeal to men by cooking or something. I had never seen a book signing in an airport. We continued on to our gate.
Helen sat with the bags. Both of us were thirsty, so I headed off to get something to drink and maybe eat. There was a place that had different stuff: burgers, subs, hot dogs. The line was slow moving, but I am not sure why. I got a bottle of water for Helen, a large diet coke and a Super Cheeseburger for me. It came to about eight and half bucks. Not bad for an airport. I returned to sit with Helen. The burger was good, but they put a little too much lettuce on it. We board our first flight on short time.
I slept during take off, and woke when we were at cruise altitude. I got out my Palm Pilot and keyboard, and started updating my logs. A guy nearby had a portable DVD player. I may look for one of those on Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving).
I was busy typing my logs when we began descent and I had to turn off my Palm Pilot. The descent was among the most bumpy I have ever experienced. We entered a white cloud, and the plane began buck and at one point appear drop sharply. But as you are reading my logs, you have probably already guessed we did make it safely onto the ground. We exited the plane in concourse T. We had over 3 hours, so we decided to walk. But we got to the train, and it looked like we had to take the train from concourse C. So we took the train to concourse A, and then walked from A to concourse C.
Along the way we passed a priest accompanied by a couple airport workers walking in the opposite direction. I didn’t think much of it. A little farther we passed a police officer, and far behind him we passed some EMTs with a gurney. The gurney and it’s contents were covered completely by a maroon colored blanket. Altogether it painted a sad picture.
We passed a Brookstone store. I stopped and looked. They had TSA approved locks. My brother Jay had mentioned that they had picked up locks approved by the TSA. The TSA has special keys that can unlock the locks. So now we can lock our lock our luggage without fear of the locks being cut off. We didn’t buy them at Brookstone. I will check out Target or Wal-Mart when we get home. An airport Brookstone would probably be very expensive.
We made it to our gate C35 which was all the way at the end of the concourse. We found some seats, and I went to get us some food. We had seen a sign showing what was available, so I knew there was a Popeye’s Chicken down the way. I bought a couple combo meals and brought them back for us to eat.
Our flight out of Atlanta was on time. It was a small plane so went out onto the tarmac, checked our bags plane-side and climb into the plane.
We made it to Rochester with no problems, and collected our bags. We got on the shuttle which took us out to the lot where we parked our car. Then we drove home, and our vacation was over.