After being up past midnight to take pictures of the grand gala buffet, I happy to climb into bed. I woke up briefly around 3am, but checked my watch and went back to sleep.
I awoke again at 6am when we got the wake up call. I jumped into the shower, then dressed wearing my swim trunks under my shorts. We gathered everything we needed, then headed up to the Lido deck for some quick breakfast. We both had omelet’s.
After eating, we returned to our cabin, got our stuff, and headed off to Follies to get set for the tendering to our excursion. We found Susie, Christin and Sara, and then Jay showed up shortly afterward.
Jake the assistant cruise director was running the show. He called off a handful of excursions, and people went up to get colored/numbered stickers. Then he would call some more, and they would get different stickers. They called Jay and group’s excursion, and Jay went and got their stickers. A little while later the called our excursion, and I went and got our stickers. Around this time, they called Jay’s excursion, and his group left to board the tender. About 10 minutes later, they called our Cave Tubing excursion, so we headed to the tender.
The tender boat took maybe ten or fifteen minutes to get to shore. At shore, we found a sign for our excursion, and were quickly loaded on a bus, and on our way.
Lydia did the talking for the drive out to the site. The trip lasted a little over an hour. We first stopped at a restaurant where we rented a locker, and changed clothes. I rented the locker for $3 (US), and stored our passports, cards, money, and my wife’s film camera. I inserted my Nikon Coolpix 7900 into my Ewa-Marine D-MM. I expanded the glass forward and closed the bag so the lens had room to open forward. We were also given headlamps.
We re-boarded the bus and took a short ride to where we would pick up our tubes and begin our hike. We each got a tube and a life vest. We carried the tubes for a little bit where we waded across the river. We all gathered here, then began a hike that lasted a little over thirty minutes. We passed through a little cave where we saw tiny fruit bats. My headlamp was very dim, so Henry the guide, swapped headlamps with me. I kinda wished I brought my Princeton Tec Vortec headlamp with the halogen bulb from home. All along the hike, my camera was flopping around in the Ewa Marine bag. I stumbled a little over a rock in the path and cut my hand on some sort of tree that had a trunk covered with thorns. It stopped bleeding by the end of the tubing trip. Who knows what kind of Central American Jungle germs I picked up in the water.
We put into the river, and floated down through a limestone cave. I took a few pictures before we entered the cave. These initial pictures turned out okay. The camera is awkward to use through the bag. People kept asking where I got it. I told them Amazon, and told them that I hadn’t used it before.
As we entered the cave, I tried to take some pictures. But the camera’s flash would reflect off of the glass of the bag, and the picture wouldn’t turn out. I put the camera down, and we floated through the cave. It was a lot of fun. For a lot of the float, I hooked my feet onto Helen’s tube, and I did the paddling and pulled her along.

As we exited the cave, I picked up my camera and took a few more pictures. They looked kind of blurry due to water drops on the glass in front of the lens. A little while later, I went to take a picture, and saw my camera read “lens error”. I have gotten this before when the lens tries to come out, but is obstructed. I saw the lens was half way out. What I have previously done was turn the camera off, and then on, and this fixed it. But now as I turned the camera off and on, I couldn’t get it to do anything. I had a hard time even getting it to turn off. At one point, I pulled off to the shore, opened the bag to pull the camera out, but dropped the bag with the camera in it. I snatched it up fortunately before any water got into it. I pulled the camera out, but couldn’t get it to work. I gave up, and put the camera back into the bag and sealed it. I was pretty disgusted with the Ewa Marine bag at this point. It produced crappy pictures, way awkward to use, and then toasted my camera!
I continued the float down the river until we reached the point with the rope, and I got out. Helen got stuck in a little whirlpool until someone helped her get free.

I removed the camera from the bag, and continued to play with it. We boarded the bus and when everyone was back, we returned to the restaurant. While on the way back to the restaurant, I was cycling the power of the camera while slapping it lightly with my hand. I got the lens to close a little bit, and then after a couple more attempts, I got the lens to close all of the way. After that the camera seemed to work fine again.
At the restaurant, I retrieved our stuff from the locker, and turned in the key. My trunks were mostly dry, so I put on my shorts again. I changed to a dry tee shirt. Helen also changed into dry clothes. We were given a lunch fried banana, rice and beans, roasted chicken, potato salad and a fruit drink. I liked everything except the fried banana. I later went to the bar, and got a diet coke. We stayed at the restaurant for about an hour. It was very relaxing.
We then re-boarded the bus back to the terminal. I was asleep before we left the dirt road. I woke up again about five or ten minutes from the terminal. We took a slightly different route back through the city. We saw the Prime Minister’s house, and the Marion Jones Sports Center.
We got back to the terminal about 2:30pm. We needed to be on the tender by 3:15. We quickly explored the little shops outside. I bought a one liter bottle of Vanilla for $5. There were various carvings, but nothing comparing to the quality of the better pieces that I found at the Indian village in Panama. We found a Belize thimble for our collection. We visited Diamonds International and picked up our free charm bracelet, and then paid $5 for a charm. We have a card at home somewhere that we could have used to get a free charm. We dropped off a card at one place to enter us into a drawing, but we couldn’t find the other places. Helen was exhausted, so we got into the long line for the tender. Fortunately the line moved quickly. The tender back to the ship was smaller, but much faster. We were back to the ship in five to ten minutes. After going though the gauntlet to get back on the ship, we went to our cabin, and changed. Helen went up to the lido deck and got some water, and I cracked open a diet Pepsi from our ice bucket. We veged out for a bit.
Then we headed to the Past Guest Reception in Follies. We got to shake Lenny’s hand, but didn’t see the captain. The band played old people dance music. We got free hors de ovres, and free drinks. I asked 4 times for a diet Coke, and never got it. They played a film of the history of Carnival Cruise Lines. It let out at about 5:45 in time for dinner. I stopped at a bar and used my fountain drink card to get my diet Coke. I found it a little iritating that three different waiters said they would bring me a diet Coke, and neglected to do it.
We went up to dinner. Jay brought a bottle of champagne that he had brought from home.
Christin and Sara were exhausted from their excursion and stayed in their cabin. Jay made a toast in honor of Helen and my 12th wedding anniversary. All the food was very good. I had a beef dish that was very good. And the New York Cheesecake was excellent.
Tonight’s waiter dance thing was Congo line. Helen and I got up and joined in. It was a lot of fun.
After dinner, Helen and I went to the gift shop for the watch drawing. We didn’t win. I was still looking at the Citizen watch. Then we went back to our cabin.
We left our cabin and went down to Follies about 8:15 to get seats for the 8:30 show. It was a comedy hypnotist. The show got started late as bingo was still going. When the hypnotist guy asked for volunteers, Christin and I ran up to stage with a bunch of other people. He had us relax deeper and deeper. When he started giving us suggestions, I really had no incentive to follow them. I opened my eyes, and the guy pointed at me, and off stage. I looked around, and again he pointed at me and off stage, so I got up and went back to my seat. Christin was up there for the whole show and did some crazy stuff such as arguing with her flip flop, and jumping from her seat as if she had been pinched, and reacting as if the hypnotist was on stage naked. It was funny.
Following the show, we made plans to meet for karaoke at 11:30, and to go to the midnight comedy show.
I stopped and filled out a form for a Carnival Cruise Lines credit card that could earn me free miles towards a cruise. This seems like a better deal than my American Airlines card. I think I cruise more with CCL than I fly with AA. I would get 1 mile per dollar spent. My AA card gives me only 1 mile per $2 spent (unless I upgrade to platinum, then I would have to pay an annual fee).
Then I returned to our cabin. Relaxed for a bit. When it was time to leave, Helen was asleep. I let her sleep, and I headed to the Firebird lounge. I passed by Follies, and the hypnotist guy was doing his second show. I went into the Firebird place. There were a bunch of teens and preteens singing really badly, but they seemed to be having fun. But they were really, really bad! I didn’t see Jay and group. I went up watched another minute of the hypnotist show, keeping an eye for Jay and gang at the entrance. No sign. I went back to Firebird and endured more karaoke. Adults started showing up as the hypnotist show must have ended. The kids were still up there performing. At about 11:45, I hadn’t seen Jay or the others, so I headed up to find seats for the comedian. I found Jay and group already sitting up here. Jay apparently thought the karaoke was in Follies. Anyway, we stayed there and watched the comedian.
The comedian was Will Marfori. This guy was frigging hilarious! He had cerebral palsy (CP), and used it in his act. He was one of the best comedians I have seen on a Carnival cruise. The show last for about an hour.
Following the show, we headed up to he Lido deck for burgers. This was about 1am. The place was actually open tonight! I got a burger and some fries. They didn’t have a lot of fries. Christin and I found a table. Jay said they would make any more fries because they were closing at 1:30am. They still had over 25 minutes to be open, and would make more fries. Thanks guys! We made plans to meet at Truffles at 9am for breakfast.
After eating, I went back down to our cabin, and went to bed.

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