I got up at 6:30, got dressed and headed up to practice my karate katas. The aerobics room was locked, but I ran into Nick in the gym. We set out to find a place to practice. I suggested the basketball court, but the stairs up were roped off due to high wind. There wasn’t much in the way of wind, so we ducked under the rope. We practiced our katas for a while then headed down to start the day.
I went back to the cabin, took a shower, and dressed in jeans, a tee shirt and sneakers. since I was going to do zip-lining. We went and had breakfast in Truffles. Then headed up to the cabin to get our stuff. I had talked to Jay and we were supposed to meet where we left the ship. I was down there and didn’t see them. So I called, and talked to Suzie, and she said they were five minutes away. So I waited, and then finally saw Sara who told me that Christin and Suzie were on the next floor down. I went down and hung with them. Apparently Jay had run up to get something. Eventually Jay and Sara returned, and we left the ship. I found the guide Julio, and called the others. While we were waiting with Julio, Helen walked by on her way to locate her Sloth Sanctuary and Canoe excursion. Julio did a math trick for Sara which was pretty cool. Soon it was time to board the bus. We thought it was small group, but there were more people already on the bus.
The bus trip was slow and very bumpy. The road was filled with potholes in some areas. We crossed a bridge that had a few holes in it, and you could see the water below through a grid of rebar. Julio was great guide, and gave us lots of information about Costa Rica. He was obviously very proud of his country. He answered our questions, and throughout the bus ride to and from the zip-lining, he talked to us one on one. He was very personable.
We arrived at the zip lining place, and they had bathrooms. The bathroom on the bus only permitted us to do number one. Then we headed over to gear up. They strapped us into a harness, and fitted us with helmets and gloves.
Then they demonstrated how to safely descend the wires. They showed us how to use one hand to keep us straight, and then to brake if we were going too fast. Then we walked down a a path and got into line at the base of some stairs. As we got to the stairs, they clipped us to a cable going up the stairs. We were attached to a cable at all times. We had multiple straps with carabiners which they would attach one to a new cable before detaching from the previous cable.
As we got to the first platform, we were attached to the cable, and also a second cable. The first cable run was the shortest of the bunch. We slid from one platform to the next, with a total of about twelve runs. I was the first to slide and then waited on the next platform to video the rest of the group sliding down. At one point I let Jay video me sliding down from above. At the last run, Jay slid down first with my camera, and then video’d the rest of us sliding down.
We dumped off the gear, and got a picture with the ocean surf as a backdrop. Then we headed in to get some fresh fruit that they had out for us. We saw some really pretty bluish color crabs that seemed to be living in holes in the sandy dirt along the path. We quickly checked out the gift shop, but nothing appealed to us.
This place was also a hotel with outdoor open buildings covered in mosquito netting where people can stay. This looked really cool!
We re-boarded the bus, and began I drive back towards the ship. The road got no better on the way back. Julio was great, and passed around photographs of animals, Costa Rica and even his house and relatives.
As we arrived back at the pier, Jay headed back to the ship, while Susie, Christin, Sara and I all headed for the outdoor souvenir shops. I found an interesting carving of a toucan made from ironwood. It was $50, but I got the guy down to $40. I didn’t end up buying it. The work was better than other stuff I saw here, but nowhere near the craftsmanship of the piece I got at the Indian village.
They had some other wood work as well such as laminated cutting boards and turned bowls and vases. I ended up buying only a Costa Rica thimble.

I hurried aboard ship. I wanted to participate in the guest talent show. I found the Legends Cafe. Jake Covey the Assistant Cruise Director was working with a pair of guys that were planning a piano/bass duet or something. Another girl asked about borrowing a guitar from the band, and Jake said that this was not possible as the guitarist was very protective of his guitars. She then asked about karate. Jake said no karate, juggling, etc. I asked why no karate, and said that I had done a karate demo two years ago. Apparently some yutz kung fu guy had slammed his knee into a prop tree when the ship moved and sued Carnival. So no karate. Jake said that exceptions could be made if for the next cruise I contact Carnival in advance and sign waivers and stuff. Who knows. Anyway, I wouldn’t be in this talent show.
I then went up to the lido deck and got a couple small slices of pizza. I went to our cabin, and Helen and I exchanged stories of our day and excursions. She had a lot of fun too. Then we got ready for dinner.
Dinner was excellent. My favorites were the French onion soup, fillet mignon and the apple streusel cake.

As we were finishing dinner, we could see the sun setting out of our window. Our whole group hurried out and we stood along the railing watching the sunset, and taking pictures. When the sun disappeared below the horizon, we applauded. I shouted “do it again” which drew laughs.
Helen I then headed down to the gift shop. They were doing the drawing for some free amber jewelry. We had to pick the fake amber. Helen and I were correct, but we didn’t win. They are going to be selling some amber jewelry tomorrow, and we are interested in some cool greenish amber that comes from Dominica. They had watches on sale. We bought Helen a nice Citizen Eco Drive watch for 44% off. It is a nice watch.
We then headed back to our cabin. I got the USB cable from the Nikon camera, and was going to go to my brother’s cabin to download pics into his computer. But he didn’t seem to be around. This morning I had downloaded pictures into my Fotochute storage device and deleted them from my memory card. But unfortunately the Fotochute doesn’t give me any verification that the pictures are actually there. It just as a blinking light showing the pictures are transferring then the blinking stops. Maybe I will get another model that has the display so I can see the pics.
Helen and went down to look at photographs, and bumped into Jay and Christin. We got some drinks and headed up to Jay’s cabin. I had the USB cable in my pocket still, so we download the pictures on my camera on to Jay’s laptop computer. I went down to our cabin, and grabbed my Fotochute. We plugged it into Jay’s laptop and it tried to connect, but got some sort of error. It might require some special drivers. I don’t remember if I installed stuff on my home computer or not. We had a little while, so I downloaded the pictures from my camera to the Fotochute.
The talent show was starting at 10:30, so we headed down to Follies Lounge. The first act was a clown. I thought they had a rule against comedians, but the clowns act was basically standup comedy. The next act was a young girl who sang What Would I Be Without You. The following act was the girl’s grandfather who sang an old Jimmy Durante song.
Following him was a woman who sang. But I couldn’t understand most of what she was singing. After that, the cruise director came out and directed a really bad and dumb skit. Apparently there were only four acts. That makes my not being allowed to participate even more annoying. I would have signed a waiver. Being a 2nd degree black belt, if I had hurt myself performing a kata, it would have been my own fault.
After the show, Helen and I headed up to the Lido deck. I wanted to get a burger and fries. The place that serves the burgers doesn’t open till 11:30, and I haven’t been up that late due to the excursions being the next day. But when get up there, the burger place is not open. They have some late night buffet thing going serving Mexican food. I looked over the offerings but they all looked kind of gross. So we headed over and got some pizza yet again. The one night I head up here for burgers and fries at the right time, they are closed, and serving really crappy mexican. That sucks!
I think I will write a complaint letter to Carnival about the talent show thing.
Anyway, Helen and I returned to our cabin for the night.

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