I woke up at 7:45am, too late to go work out in the Aerobics room. So I took a shower, then sat down to type last night’s logs. I was watching one of the complementary movies. I think it was Just Friends. It was very funny.
We headed off to breakfast. We got in one line only to be told that line was closed. So we got into another line, and got breakfast. I got scrambled eggs, sausage, hash browns, and orange juice. Now we started looking for a table. We walked halfway around the frigging Lido deck passing occupied tables, un-cleared tables, cleared tables with no silverware before we finally found an unoccupied table with silverware. I was getting a little pissed off by this point. They need to clear tables faster. Some of the tables I passed were sized for 4 or 5 people but being occupied by a single person.
Anyway, following this we this we headed to the shops. They were giving a watch but you needed to be present to win. We showed up about 15 minutes before the drawing, and there weren’t many people there. By the time of the drawing the place was packed. The drawing was supposed to be at 10:15, but they didn’t actually do the drawing until somewhere between 10:20 and 10:25. We didn’t win. I hope the watch keeps better time than they did.
The next thing we had planned was the shopping talk. We did’t have plans to make any major purchases as we did in say St Thomas. None of the ports of call are big shopping places. But we are interested in what they have to say. The talk wasn’t until 11am, so I went to the cabin to veg, and Helen went wandering.
Just before 11, I headed down to Follies lounge, and found Helen. I filled out raffle tickets for the free drawing (a diamond pendant) and then we found some seats up front. I had talked to Suzie, and they said they were coming. I saw them in some seats in the back.
The talk was okay. Apparently Belize has the most shopping of the three ports. Mostly jewelry and crafts. We didn’t win any the drawings, but we did get a card for a free charm bracelet at Diamonds International.
Following the talk, we headed up to my brother’s cabin. They had a privacy please card on the door. To heck with that! I knocked. Surprisingly Suzie opened the door, and then Helen, Jay, Suzie and I hung out on their deck for a while. Suzie took off after a bit, then in a while Helen and I headed up to the Lido deck for lunch. Helen opted for a Reuben, but I had some roast beef and baby back ribs. We ran into Suzie and Sara, and ate lunch with them. After lunch Helen went back to the cabin for a nap, and I headed over for Fun Ship Fear Factor. I filled out a slip, and put my name in the bucket to play, but I wasn’t one of the four guys picked. I ran into Jay, and we watched the Fear Factor game. There were two teams with two guys and two girls on each team. The first event had them standing on mats, and slowly moving across stage. Another event had them blowing up balloons and popping them by sitting on them. The final event was the only really fear factor like event where they had to drink some brown concoction. I talked to one of the players and he said it tasted like ketchup and pepper and who knows what else.
Then Jay and I wandered around exploring the ship. We even stumbled upon a topless sunbathing deck. I didn’t know they had one.

At 2pm, they had an Ice Carving demonstration. Jay and watched as the ice carver made an eagle sculpture in about 15 minutes. Very cool! This took place on the edge of a hot tub in 90 degree heat. Then Jay and I returned to our respective cabins.
In the cabin, my wife was taken a nap, and I thought that was a good idea. I laid down and took a nap too. I had highlighted the Diamond and Gemstone Seminar at 3:30pm. But as 3:30pm approached, I decided my nap was more enjoyable. I did get up a little later for the 4pm Free Rum Cake Tasting. This was Tortuga Rum Cake. We had visited the Tortuga Rum Cake Factory Store in Grand Cayman on our last cruise, and it is wonderful! My personal favorite is the banana. They were giving out samples of the Original, Coconut, and Chocolate. We considered buying some of the Banana, but they didn’t have any in the larger cakes, only in the multi packs. We kept an eye out for Jay and the others, but they never showed up.
They put some cool rain gear on sale. They were telling us the price was $12, but they rung up as $12.99, which was down from $19.50. These jackets will fold up into a pocket located on the back of the jacket. There is a decent chance of encountering rain in any of our ports of call. With our newly acquired booty, we returned to our cabin to drop stuff off, relax, and then get ready for dinner.
Tonight was a casual night, so got dressed appropriately, and headed off for dinner. Again, Helen and I were the first of our group to arrive. Christin and Sara showed up shortly after us, and then Jay and Susie close behind them. The menu had many great things on it and we had a hard time trying to decide what we wanted. I chose two starters. The first was escargot, and the second was a penne pasta. The pasta was good, but the escargot was incredible. I felt like ordering several more, but I restrained myself. My brother ordered an escargot on my recommendation and he loved it too. I had a salad, and for the main course I had veal parmesan. The veal was good. Jay had a chicken that was great. Helen had a salmon that was very good. For dessert I ordered a creme broulet and as a safety I ordered the cherry cheese cake. The creme broulet was excellent. The cheese cake was good but nothing to write home about. The waiters dressed in costumes and danced. The girls got up and danced with them. I got some pictures and some great video.
After dinner, Helen and I rushed of the fun shops where there were giving away a Caribbean topaz. We didn’t win. The topazes were very pretty. They had some other interesting stones from the Dominican Republic as well. We didn’t buy anything. I checked out the gold by the inch. They seemed like great prices, but I asked if they solid gold. It turns out they are gold plated jewelers metal. Ummm…no thanks.
Then we went to the casino for a while. I lost $10 playing video poker so I went back to the room, leaving Helen to play.
I began gathering stuff for the port of call tomorrow. I had brought an athletic type bag, so packed towels, my Ewa-Marine camera bag, our new rain gear, my sunglasses, sun block, insect repellent (just in case). The ship arrives in port at 7am, so I set a wake up call for 5:30am. I charged my camera battery so I will have a full charge in port. Helen eventually came back to the cabin, and we hit the sack to get some sleep.

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