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I woke up around 6:30am, and laid in bed for a while, before I finally decided to get up. I headed down to the aerobics room. I found it the previous evening in my explorations, so I knew right where it was. When I got there to practice my karate katas and get a good work out, there was already a guy there practicing karate. I found out his name was Nick, and he practiced Goju Ryu. I introduced myself, and told him I practiced Isshinryu Karate. So we took turns running our katas until the Aerobics instructor began setting up for her class. Following my light work out, I returned to cabin, and took a shower.
I put on clean clothes and got ready for breakfast. I called my brother, and found they were still in bed. So Helen and I headed down to get breakfast. We decided to go to Truffles. We were seated with a few other people and we had some nice conversation about previous cruises, and what excursions we had planned for this one. For a starter I had a baked apple. This was good, and reminded me of the filling of an apple pie. The rest of my breakfast was a standard two eggs over easy, hash browns, sausage links, and white toast.
Helen and I returned to the cabin where watch part of a movie, and took a nap.
When we woke up, we headed down to Follies Lounge where we listened to a talk about the available excursions. I ha my palm pilot set up with a portable keyboard, and was working on these logs, while listening to the talk. We actually were already set for excursions. In Panama, we made arrangements with Mario from to do a grand tour. This is similar to the Carnival tour except at less than half the price. It got very good reviews at For Costa Rica, my brother and group had book zip lining. Helen could do the zip lining due to a pulled muscle, so I signed up for the zip lining, and signed Helen up for the Sloth Sanctuary and Canoe tour. For Belize, Helen and I signed up for Cave Tubing. Jay and group said they would also do cave tubing, but I found out later, they changed their minds, and were going snorkeling. That’s okay. The Belize visit is on Helen and my wedding anniversary. So some time to ourselves, and busloads of strangers is not a bad thing.
Following the talk, we left to find some lunch, when we passed the putting contest. I was interested in trying it, so I got into line. Helen got bored, and wandered off. When it was my turn, I had two close misses, and sunk the last one. Not too bad considering I don’t play golf except for goofing with my dad every few years. I did better than many of the people. I headed to the casino, and found Helen. We decided to stop by my brother’s cabin, to see if they wanted to get lunch. Jay wasn’t there, but Suzie, Christin, and Sara were all there, so the bunch of us headed to Truffle’s for lunch.
For a starter, I had a salad, and burger, nothing real fancy. For dessert I has some sort of black forest thing, that was just okay.
The we headed back to the cabin to veg for a while. They had cleaned it while we were out. They hadn’t added ice to the ice bucket where I had a ca of diet Pepsi. I called the desk, and asked about an ice machine. They said they could send someone to the room with ice, or there were machines on the lido deck for drinks. I told her, I would just go up to the Lido deck and get some ice. I was waiting for the elevator with bucket in hand, when a Carnival employee came along with an ice chest, and offered me some ice. Cool. A little while later, someone came to our cabin door, and offered us more ice.
We started watching another movie, and pretty soon we were taking another nap. I felt a little like maybe I was sleeping through my cruise, but then I remembered our first cruise, and that we spent a lot of time in the cabin relaxing, and we had a blast.
This was the first formal night so we got dressed up in a suit and a dress (I wore the suit). Dinner was at 5:45, but there was a Captain’s Cocktail Party at 4:45. So we headed down.

There was a large group blocking the hallway leading to Follies lounge, but this turned out to be the end of the line. So we got into line. The line moved quickly. We saw Freddy the Carnival mascot, then shook hands with the cruise director, and the captain. We found seats. We got a few free drinks, and appetizers. The band was playing old people dance music, and people were up on stage dance (mostly old people). Some white-trash guy sitting next to us, cussed out a waiter because he felt the waiter was not bringing him a free drink fast enough. The waiter just smiled, and was polite.
We headed up for dinner. My brother and group showed up for this dinner. We looked at the menu, and tonight they had both lobster and prime rib. My wife and I each ordered both lobster and prime rib as we love both. They were both good. I had the apple pie ala mode for dessert. It was excellent.
Following dinner, we killed some time before going to the show. The show was called Jazz Hot. I thought the show was interesting. I thought my niece the trained dancer would have loved it, but her comment was that the choreography was poor. But what do I know.

After the show we wanted to go dancing, so we planned to meet at Medusa’s. Before I went dancing, I wanted to change, but Jay and Suzie didn’t. So Helen and I headed to the cabin and we were changing. We got a phone call from Jay. It turned out that Medusa’s was limited to teenagers until 11pm. Jay, Suzie, Helen and I went to Billie’s Bar. This is a piano bar. The guy was very good pianist, but his singing was mediocre. He seemed to know lots of songs, but had a bent for Billy Joel. We were jokingly yelling Freebird, and waving imaginary lighters. He didn’t play Freebird, but did play Sweet Home Alabama. I yelled Ben Folds a few time, but he made a joke about the name and went on. I am guessing he might not know any Ben Folds.
As it got close to 11pm, we left Billie’s and headed to Medusa’s. Now it seems that Medusa’s disco was limited to people over 18. We all went in anyway. They were playing music, but no one was on the floor. My brother Jay had Christin request either Mexican Radio or Safety Dance. They played Safety Dance so we were out on the floor dancing. My wife danced for a bit, but due to the pulled muscle in her neck, she soon sat down. I requested Baby Got Back, and he played it, and we were having a blast. The a security guy tapped Sara, and soon Sara who was under 18 was being kicked out. Christin left with her. It just wasn’t as fun after they left.
We left shortly before midnight, and headed to Follies for the adult comedy show. There was a bunch of gratuitous profanity. I had a hard time understanding some of what he was saying. Not sure if this was due to his New Jersey accent, the quality of his voice, the sound system. His act was okay. Following the show, we all headed back to our cabins for the night.

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How many times have you been at the baggage carousel looking at bag after bag, because so many look similar to yours. What my wife and have done is take a piece of 2 inch wide ribbon about 15-20 inches long, and have tied it to the handle of each of the bags. We used riboon that was Caribbean Blue that was left over from our wedding. If your bag has a top handle and a side handle, tie a piece of ribbon to each. Now as you see a bag of the carousel, you can quickly identify which is and isn’t your bag.
Another tip is to attach your luggage tags using zip ties. Many luggage tags come with flimsy metal chains or lame plastic ties. I have started to use plastic zip ties. These things are tough and will take a beating. If police use them to handcuff people, they will certainly keep your luggage tags attached to your luggage.
Another tip is to have your name and address inside you bag also. So if some amazing force rips your luggage tag off of your bag, you can still be identified as the owner.

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