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Friends who know I have been to Vegas multiple times, often ask me what to do in Las Vegas. Las Vegas can be a very expensive place if you like to gamble, or see a lot of shows. But there is plenty do without spending a dime.
First of all just wandering around the strip and seeing the casinos can be very interesting. Las Vegas is filled with edgy architecture all trying to outdo the rest. My personal favorite is the Luxor which is designed to look like a giant glass pyramid. At night it shoots a beam of light straight up into the sky. You can wander through the hotels and casinos seeing what there is to see. For instance they have a canal inside the Venetian.

The Mirage has a volcano right on the strip that erupts every 15 minutes in the evening. This includes smoke, fire, stuff shooting up and out, and deep rumbling noises.

The Bellagio has a lake that is equiped with water fountains. The fountains will perform dances that are synchonized to music.

In the evenings, Treasure Island has a great show called Sirens Of TI. Get there early, and stake out a spot as it will get very crowded. There are woman dressed in sexy outfits singing and dancing on a ship. Then a pirate ship comes sailing around the corner. There is more singing and dancing, and fighting, cannon fire, burning buildings. Eventually the priate ship is sunk. It is a great show, and it is free.

If it is still there, The Mirage has a display of white tigers that were used in Sigfried and Roy’s magic show. This is inside the hotel/casino.

Up in “Old Town” there is the Fremont Street Experience. Las Vegas’ oldest casinos are located here. This is where you will find the the (Binion’s) Horseshoe and the Golden Nugget casinos. The have a large canopy that cover the street for about four blocks. The canopy is actually a huge LED tv screen. About every hour of so, they shut off the lights at the front of the casinos, and then play an animated show on this giant screen, with full color and sound. This is very cool!

Various casinos have free chances to win stuff. When I was there, Caesar’s had a thing that you got a free pull on a slot machine for a chance at a million dollar shopping spree. You only had to sign up for their player’s club…which is free.

Speaking of which, Caesar’s Palace has a huge underground mall called Caesar’s Forums. If you like window shopping, this is the place to go. They have many VERY HIGH END shops here. The ceilings are painted with clouds, and the lighting of them changes with the time of day. They also have some interesting animatronic shows down here, which are free to see.

Something else you can do for free is over at the Las Vegas Hilton. There they have The Star Trek Experience. That costs some money, but is fun. But for free, you can go down by the store and Quark’s Bar. There are often actors here dressed up as Klingons or Ferengi. They were more than happy to pose for pictures, and I have a picture of myself with a male and female Klingon. Pretty cool!

The last couple times I have been to Vegas, there were place offering free stuff to take a tour of some condos, or timeshares or stuff like that. We considered doing it. Maybe an hour or two, and we could have gotten free tickets, and gift certificates to a restaurant or stuff like that. There was a booth set up in front of Treasure Island. If you commited to doing the tour, they gave you access to a special reserved area where you could see the Sirens Of TI up close, and in comfort.

I am sure there is plenty of other cool free stuff here that I am not even aware of!
Anyway, that some of what to do in Las Vegas.

If you are a Star Trek fan then you will love this! Even if you are not a big fan of the show, you will probably still enjoy the rides. My wife and I have done the Star Trek Experience on two separate trips to Las Vegas. Star Trek – The Experience is located in the Las Vegas Hiton. On our first trip, the tickets were about $15 each. It was not only the ride called Klingon Encounter, but it also allowed you to go through the Star Trek museum. It is not really a museum, but they have a large quantity of Star Trek props and costumes used in the actual shows. It is really cool seeing what these things look like up close. We spent about 10 or 20 minutes browsing through all of the Star Trek stuff.
Then we got in line for the ride. The line goes down a hallway lined with even more Star Trek stuff. They have some actors that wander up and down the hall dressed as Klingons and Ferengi. Great costumes! The staff are also in Federation uniforms. I will not go into detail about the ride itself as it would ruin part of it. I have been on similar rides at Disneyland and Universal Studios, but this one was better because if combined different elements into a single ride, and then added a killer special effect that seriously caught me off guard. Following the ride, we browsed through the store and bought a couple souvenirs. I then got my picture taken with a male and female klingon. The female was about my height, and the guy towered over me. But if you look, you will see their boots are like platform shoes. I was probably as tall or taller than the actor in real life. I just thought that was funny.

On our next visit to Vegas, my brother and his wife were also with us. We told them we had to go back to the Star Trek – The Experience. So we all went. They had raised the price to over $20 each, but had added a new ride called the Borg Invasion 4D. My brother really enjoyed looking at all the props and costumes. Then we got in line. The original ride was almost as good the second time. I still love that special effect they do at the beginning! We did the Borg Invasion. That was really cool. Even more special effects. Again, I will not give any spoilers as to how the ride goes.

Is it worth the money? I guess that is up to you. If you compare it to other rides in the Las Vegas area, it is on par price-wise. If you try to compare the price to what you might pay at Disneyland and how many rides you can do there, then it might be on the expensive side. As noted, I have done it twice, so I thought it was worth the money. If you decide you don’t want to pay the money, you can still visit the store for free, and probably get your picture taken with some of the Kligons for Ferengi.

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