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The most exilerating roller coaster I ahve ever riddin was named X and is located at Six Flags Magic Mountain in the Los Angeles area of California. I have never ridden a roller coaster like it before or since.
The coaster is hard to describe. It has a chain of cars like other coasters. Each car has two poles sticking out the sides. The seats are mounted on these poles, so you aren’t actually IN the car. The coaster starts moving, and you are moving backwards. It climbs up the hill while all the time you are facing back. Then just as it hits the top, the poles rotate, and now you are facing forward but upside down. All through the ride, the seats swivel. You might come into a loop facing backward, and then turn forward in the middle of the loop. It is not an exceptionally long roller coast ride, but it does have a top speed of 76 miles per hour. When I got to the end, and found myself actually gasping for breath, and realized that I had been holding my breath for the entire ride.
I would love to ride it again. Heres the down side. Be prepared for LONG lines. I visited the park off-season in January 2005. The line was not nearly as long as it could have been as I easily passed long loops of empty gateways. Still I was in line for almost 2 hours. There were several times that the coaster was taken offline for periods of time. Once it seemed to have been motionless for about 20 minutes. The people in line were not kept informed at all, and we didn’t know whether we get to ride the coaster or not. That was very frustrating. One of the times the coaster was down was because some guy appearing to be only in his 20’s, had chest pains during the ride. So they held the ride while this guy was examined by medical people. Later I saw this guy ahead of me in line for another roller coaster. It kind of ticked me off that this guy had one of the special passes that allowed him to get into a short line! I kept wondering if they were going to be holding up yet another coaster.

There are so many great roller coasters in this park! Some of my other favorites were Deja Vu, Superman-The Escape, Viper, and The Riddler’s Revenge.

On the hand, Magic Mountain had a horrid roller coaster named Psyclone. Avoid this coaster! I usually like old wooden roller coasters. But this thing just slams you around the car, and not in a fun way. My wife left the ride with a sore back, and me with a sore neck (and with martial arts practice 5 days a week, I am in great shape). My wife didn’t do any more rides that day. I did a couple more.

Great Holidays and Vacations by Dakota Caudilla

If you’re asking yourself where to go for a vacation and holiday, you have to ask yourself what kind of holiday and vacation you’re looking for. No point visiting ancient cities if you’re not into digging bones and historical stuff! Also take into consideration whether you’re taking your family along or not, are the kids going to be coming along? Are you thinking of going on a holiday and vacation with your close friends or colleagues? Do you share similar interests? What is your purpose of going for a holiday or vacation – for relaxation or exploration?

Once you’ve answered all the questions above, you will find it easier to find the perfect holiday spot to go to.

If you and your family members are into camping and finding some fun adventurous activities to indulge in, one of the finest private camping destinations is Acres of Wildlife. Acres of Wildlife is fast gaining its footing in the holiday and vacation industry. it is a completely private sanctuary for nature lovers in the midst of 300 acres of privately owned land and surrounded by 4,000 acres of luscious greenery.

If you’ve never been airborne (apart from being in an airplane) before, perhaps you can fit ballooning into your holiday and vacation plans! And not to mention, if you’re going with the love of your life, imagine being proposed to in mid air. And if you’ve never been to Barbados before, perhaps, this could be just the time to plan a vacation there. Barbados is indeed a land rich in culture, music, good food and breathtaking beaches. This is a good place for people who are looking to detach themselves from everyday life and just de-stress. By the way, you can find pretty good pampering spas and massage parlors there too – go indulge yourself. If you want to pamper yourself while you’re on a holiday, go all the way!

Another amazing way to spend a holiday is to spend it out in the sea, on a luxurious yacht. Although vacationing on a yacht is not for those who get easily seasick, many others find it tranquilizing and absolutely spectacular. Watching the sunset in the middle of nowhere, cruising peacefully and calmly past boating people, watching the busy city and knowing you are out here doing deservedly nothing! For sure, spending a vacation on a yacht is quite unlike anything else – the experience is undoubtedly unique.

You will never forget the holiday, not during this lifetime, if you swam with dolphins before. And this is precisely what you can and SHOULD plan to do on this holiday! And there is only one place on this planet where you can get to swim with the rarest and smallest dolphins (the New Zealand dolphin) and that is in Akaroa Harbour in New Zealand’s South Island. I promise you this…you’ll never forget this experience. And if this is what you’re planning to do during your vacation, don’t forget to bring the camera along!

About The Author

Dakota Caudilla, journalist, and website builder Dakota Caudilla lives in Texas. He is the owner and co-editor of on which you will find a longer, more detailed version of this article.

It wasn’t in this list of Top Ten Beaches in the World, but I would add Barbados. In Barbados, all of the beaches are public, so if you find the beach is a little crowded, just walk down the beach a little ways. And the water was warm like climbing into a bath tub. -RJ

Top Ten Beaches in the World by Dakota Caudilla

The sun, the soft sand sifting through your toes and fingers, the salty wind blowing in from the sea, the sound of waves…the ultimate holiday and vacation! If you’re like everyone else in this world, you should be looking for some of the top beaches in the world. And lucky for you, we have done the research on the world’s most popular beaches and have listed them here for you in no particular order.

The first one is Poipu Beach, Hawaii. If you believe in Paradise, this is it. In terms of a beach, this is definitely a world-class beach and should not be missed. Absolutely breathtaking! Poipu Beach is recently named America’s top beach by The Travel Channel with the most extensive golden sand and provides a host of activities for travelers and beach-lovers.

The second on the list is Matira Beach, also another not-to-be-missed beach! Matira Beach is one of those magical islands of Bora Bora that makes up French Polynesia in the South Pacific. Long and lazy stretches of beach with whispering shores is what you can expect from Matira Beach. In fact, Matira Beach is as magical and enchanting as it comes. It’s not called the world’s most romantic beach for nothing. People flock to Matira Beach to make proposals – imagine that!

Just when you thought there is nothing more to Mexico but Tequila and snakes, in comes Maroma Beach. Maroma Beach is more like a holiday resort getaway destination offering a combination of luxurious resorts and spas; and 500 acres of beach and rain forest.

Next on the list of top ten beaches are Pink Sands and South Sands – nestled on the edges of Salcombe. A contending beach would be the Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro. The beaches are filled with beach-goers almost all year round and who can blame them? Inexpensive accommodation and traveling makes these beaches the top few beaches in the world!

If you’re hooked on surfing, don’t forget to drop by Biarritz Beach on a holiday. It’s an absolute haven for surfers with 2 large beaches and a myriad of smaller beaches in between. And France also offers holiday-goers and beach-lovers a gem of a beach in the form of the St. Tropez beach. Who doesn’t know that St. Tropez is well known for its bikinis and beachwear groundbreaking fashion rules? St. Tropez is a hot favorite among Hollywood stars and is nestled along the French Riveria. It pays that St. Tropez beach is also a short drive from Nice and Cannes.

Coming up next is the Clifton Beach on Cape Town, South Africa. One of the most amazing sceneries can be found there. Imagine enjoying the beach with the gorgeous Table Mountain as a backdrop. There’s never anything quite like that on a beach. And if you’re looking for a natural and exotic beach, you might want to try out Anse de Argent beach in Seychelles. For nature-lovers, Anse de Argent is heaven!

About The Author

Dakota Caudilla, journalist, and website builder Dakota Caudilla lives in Texas. He is the owner and co-editor of on which you will find a longer, more detailed version of this article.

Traveling and Playing Golf Today by Dakota Caudilla

Taking the family out for a holiday and you play golf!

If you’re a golf enthusiast, you will know that golf is all about who you play golf with and where you play golf. It makes a world of difference! In fact, it’s a good idea for you to take your family on an outing or a holiday in a golf course. Although not all your family members will like to play golf with you but you get to kill two birds with one stone. You get to play your golf and your family gets to enjoy the luxurious hotel and resort setting and visit from travel destinations.

The golf courses will keep changing to give golfers a fresh layout

Before you start looking for a golf resort to play golf in, check whether the golf course is actually a public one, a private one or a semi-private one. The classifications determine whether you’ll get to play golf there or not. A private golf course is reserved and is not open to the public. The semi-private golf courses are a membership-based golf course that allows certain public to play on their golf courses, for instance, hotel customers. Bear in mind that re-design and renovation of golf courses is an extremely common thing. Hotels and golf course owners usually renovate their golf courses consistently because people get bored playing in the same golf course over a certain period of time. So, to make it more attractive for golf enthusiasts, they will renovate or improve on the layout of the golf courses. It’ll also be more challenging for return golf enthusiasts.

Keen on improving your golf? Enroll in a golf school, of course!

And if you’re keen on improving your golf, you can even enroll yourself into a golf school. A one-on-one golf course is probably going to cost you an arm and a leg – especially if you’re talking about engaging the services of a professional golf instructor. Budget and time may become an obstacle to a golf enthusiast. So, what is the next best thing to do? To enroll yourself in an affordable golf school, of course. You’ll get to play and have fun at the same time – and if it’s a crash course, it won’t take up too much of your time because the syllabus is cramped into a certain period of time. And because these golf schools give golf lessons in small groups and not on a one-on-one basis, the cost of enrolling in the schools is much more affordable. The newer and broader types of packages offered from some of these golf schools can accommodate golf enthusiasts with all kinds of abilities – from amateurs, beginners to expert golfers.

About The Author

Dakota Caudilla, journalist, and website builder Dakota Caudilla lives in Texas. He is the owner and co-editor of on which you will find a longer, more detailed version of this article.

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