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On our first driving trip around New England we had tickets to do a whale watch in Gloucester, MA. But due to rough weather, the whale watch trip was cancelled.
So on our second driving trip around New England, we decided to try again. This time we planned to do a whale watch in Boston, MA at the New England Aquarium.
I took dramamine so hopefully I wouldn’t get sea sick out on the ocean. If anything, the dramamine seem to upset my stomach.
The water was a little rough with four foot waves, but thankfully they didn’t cancel the whale watch. On the way out, the boat was bashing into the waves. Nobody on the boat seemed to be doing well. I was seeing people getting sick over the side of the boat. At one point, my stomach starting getting upset. I headed out to the side of the boat to get some fresh air. As I was out there breathing in the cold salty air, I felt the vomit coming up. I leaned out over the railing as far as I could, and blew chunk. The sick went out, and the wind caught it, and it straifed the people standing along the railing. I mumbled a “sorry” and headed back inside. At least I felt better. At least for a while. Eventually almost everyone was getting sick. I had been feeling better, but then I felt as if I was going to be sick again. I knew I wasn’t going to make it outside, so I started heading for a 55 gallon drum being used as a trash can. I ran towards the can with my hand over my mouth. I almost made it. As I blew chunk, it hit my hand and deflected to the side. It totally drenched the back of some high school kid’s head. I mumbled “Sorry dude”. I was expecting the kid to get up and take a swing at me. I wouldn’t have blamed him. But then again I have years of training in karate, and wouldn’t have stood there being a punching bag either. But the kid just sat there and didn’t even turn around. The trip out to the whale watching spot lasted about an hour. Even my wife who doesn’t get sea sick was getting queezy by the time we got out there.
Once the boat stopped at the whale watch site, I started feeling better. We saw a whale, I think it was a humpback whale. It seemed to be putting on a show for us. It was making bubble nets, and jumping and generally being very active.We watched the whale for about twenty or thirty minutes. It was a great show!
On the way back into shore, we were going with the waves. Thankfully, it was much smoother, and I didn’t get sick at all. I didn’t notice anyone else getting sick either.
Once on land, I swore I would never go on the ocean in a small boat ever again. I have since bought a device called Relief Band. It looks like wacth, and delivers small electronic pulses that supposedly keep you from getting sick. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. It can’t be worse than the dramamine.
If you ever get a chance, you might check out the whale watch in Boston, MA. Hopefully you you will have calmer seas then we did!

Take a walk on the wild side! Well, not too wild. When visiting my dad in Pahrump Nevada, I wanted to get a picture in front of the Chicken Ranch Brothel sign so I could show my friends back home. My dad’s wife suggested we go tour Sheri’s Brothel which was right next door. We got there, and it seemed like they were just opening up. There were six of us: me, my dad, my brother, and our wives. My dad sometime goes to Sheri’s Ranch for the sports bar, and watches pay per view sporting events on the big screen TV. My dad’s wife works for the local golf course, and they had their luncheon at Sheri’s Ranch. It is an interesting thing in Pahrump that to a certain extent, Sheri’s Ranch Brothel is just another place of business.
Anyway, we waited for the tour, and finally one of the the ‘girls’ came out. She was wearing a string bikini, and high heel shoes. She led us on the tour. She showed us a price sheet of base prices for various types of services. From I remember, the cheapest thing was in the four figures. She showed us where the girls would line up for the customers. There were little bungalows out back where the girls lived. She explained about the girl’s work schedules, how they get frequent health checks. She unabashedly answered all of our questions. She showed us some of the special theme rooms. One of the rooms was a hot tub room. I think she said that activities in this room were limited due to health concerns, and that the hot tub would need to be drained and cleaned, etc. There was another room that was dungeon, and had bondage type stuff in it. The strangest room was the Budweiser room. The walls and ceiling were covered with Budweiser posters, pictures, and even the hood from a Budweiser race car. I just picture some guy coming in and dropping down $5000 or more, and saying something like “Yeah baby, I want the Budweiser room!”
They have a gift shop where you can buy Sheri’s Ranch Brothel souvenirs. They have stuff like coffee cups, shot glasses, decks of cards, etc. They also have ‘menus’ which have pictures of the girls.
Sheri’s Ranch Brothel was not some dirty skanky place. It was clean and I guess tasteful for a brothel (not that I have seen the inside of any other brothel). My wife and I passed some other small brothels while driving through Nevada. We had seen a billboard advertising a brothel miles ahead. When we passed it, it turned out to be a single wide mobile home painted gaudy pink. Very tacky looking. Kind of gross. Thankfully, Sheri’s Ranch Brothel was nothing like that.
Touring Sheri’s Ranch Brothel was definately a different experience. If you are ever in Pahrump, Nevada, give it a shot! Pahrump, NV is about an hour west of Las Vegas in Nye County (just outside Clark County where brothels are illegal).

We got a 1am phone call last night (or this morning) from my sister-in-law. My wife’s parents were travelling in Europe, and taking a couple cruises over there. Apparently on one of the cruise ships, the railing on the gangway broke, and my mother-in-law fell 8 feet landing on concrete. She broke her hip. Another woman also fell, and broke her leg. She ended up going in for surgery in Rotterdam, or Amsterdam. She will need to recover for a week to 10 days, then they will fly back to the US and to home. They were less than a week into their month long vacation. The rest of their trip is scrubbed. It sounds like the the cruise company, or the travel group is taking care of them for now. They are probably worried about being sued. But with the travel insurance they are covered anyway. Accidents happen! If you are spending the kind of money that many vacations cost, you really need travel insurance! And beyond the lost money of a blown vacation, what if you need to be flown to an emergency room or something like that?
Now we are waiting to hear back from my father-in-law. Hopefully my mother-in-law recovers quickly and fully.

I got an email today that said Welcome to Your New Carnival Sea Miles MasterCard. So now I can start earning Sea Miles towards a free cruise, or at least discounts towards a cruise. I am not sure if I will get discount offers for cruises. That would be cool. The card hasn’t come yet, but when it does, I can activate it and get 5000 instant sea miles. Then I can transfer the balance from my American Airlines credit card, get Sea Miles for the balance, and then pay it off. Cool!

I have been getting bunch or emails regarding real estate in Costa Rica. I thought it was interesting that I started getting these shortly before we were set to travel down there. When we were in Costa Rica, we were told that a lot of Americans would retire and move to Costa Rica. Apparently Americans can live very cheap down there. I am sure water front real estate is probably still pretty expensive, but inland property can probably be gotten cheap. What would worry me is that it is another country. One day you might own the land, but the next day, the government changes and you suddenly don’t. It was really a nice place to visit, but I am not sure I would want to live there. I know gas was kind of expensive down in Central America. Even more expensive than the US. I think I would miss America. But it was really pretty there. Maybe some vacation property? :)

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