Discount Barbados Vacation by Noel Warnham

The words Barbados and discount would not normally appear in the same sentence, however, if you are not incredibly wealthy or just don’t fancy spending several thousand per person on your next vacation, Barbados may still be within reach, and at a discount.

Your first consideration will be when to go… high season should obviously be avoided. If you are serious about saving money you will also want to try and pin down a deal on your flight to Barbados. Your saving here will probably be more significant the further you are traveling (sounds obvious). Someone flying from Europe may have more to gain than someone flying from Florida.

Going off-season will discount your vacation overall, but your largest single saving will probably be dependent on the hotel you choose. Staying at a cheaper hotel does not mean you have to have a miserable time, you can still wine and dine at the most fancy restaurants on the island (perhaps more so with the money you saved) and many of the luxury resort facilities will still be open to you.

Hello South Coast

Wave goodbye to the expensive west coast and head south. If you do your homework you will find a small selection of four-star hotels that can be booked on a B&B basis. Look for something with a small kitchenette (more money for you to save) you don’t have to eat out at every single meal.

Let’s face it, "budget" hotels can be pretty hit or miss, you may want to book into couple of different hotels, at least that way you can hedge your bets. Also take a look on the Internet and see if you can find any independent reviews of hotels you may be considering. You may also get some ideas of places to stay at but don’t take the brochures at their word, follow-up with some research. The Bougainvillea Beach Resort may be worth considering.

So to sum-up on nailing down a discount Barbados vacation:

- Avoid high season

- Pin down a deal on your Barbados flight

- Save your biggest chunk of change on your hotel

- Prepare food/picnics in your kitchenette

- Try restaurants at $15 a head instead of $50

If you are diligent with your research and keep your eyes peeled for deals you should be able to slash the cost of your Barbados vacation in half. And if the hotel doesn’t work out you can always spend the money you saved having glitzy time somewhere else. Have a great time!

About The Author

Noel Warnham writes for several of his own websites and blogs.