Princeton Tec Vortec Headlamp

Vortec Headlamp by Princeton Tec

SUMMARY: Great for hiking or around the house. It’s rugged but light, bright but lasts for a long time.

I wanted a headlamp that I could use for geocaching at night and in dark environments such as caves. I researched headlamps and first looked at LED type headlamps. But after reading many reviews, and seeing a few in action, I decided they wouldn’t be as bright as I would like. If I was going to buy a headlamp, I wanted a good one. I didn’t want some cheap Coleman light from K-Mart. I wanted a serious light. I looked at Petzl which seemed to be what many mountain climbers and spelunkers use. There were a couple interesting models. I ran across some reviews of Princeton Tec lights, and these seemed to be what many people were starting to use. Where Petzl was the old standard, Princeton Tec seemed to be taking over. I finally decided to go with the Princeton Tec Vortec headlamp. It uses 4 AA batteries. It comes with two different bulbs (a kypton bulb, and a brighter halogen bulb). It also comes with two different reflectors (a wide beam and a narrow beam). I pretty much stick with the halogen bulb, and the narrow beam. The headlmap is light and is not uncomfortable to wear. The light is turned on and off by twisting the rubbed jacketed lamp surround. The beam can be adjusted up and down as it is hinged.
I have used this light in some pretty hostile environments. I have used it in rain, and in damp wet caves. The light is a workhorse. Lately I have been using it around the house. I have been replaceing all of the outlets and switches in my house. Since I need to have the circuit breaker off, there are no house lights in the areas I am working most times. But with the headlamp I can be working and still have my hands free to do the work. I also dont have to be constantly moving a plugged in light and running an extention cord. If you are looking for a great headlamp, I recommend the Princeton Tec Vortec headlamp!
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