We really like Atlantic brand luggage. They are very well built, and seem to get better with each new generation. We had a couple of the larger Atlantic bags. They are about 29-30″? They hold a lot of stuff, and even expand. But these days the airlines have really started enforcing bag weight limits. On our last trip back from the Caribbean, they hit us with a $25 charge on each bag for being over 50 pounds. And it’s not like they were jam packed, much less expanded. Last Christmas I bought my wife a smaller 25″ Atlantic Expand Aire upright bag. It is really nice. I was thinking about buying a second bag like this to replace another large bag. But then part of me is thinking that I really don’t need another bag, and that the old one will work fine if I just don’t pack as much. I may even buy a small scale with a hook, that I can attach to the bag, and check it’s weight, and even pack the scale to take with us to check the bags for ther return trip. I saw an Atlantic bag for under $50 at the local mall. I don’t think it was an Expand Aire, but it seemed to be a good bag just the same. But I can save the $50 and just take one of the larger suitcases.