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Our cruise is quickly approaching! We are excited. Ports of call will be Panama, Costa Rica, and Belize! I added a travel category to my blog to write about our cruise experience. I will probably also write about some of our past travel experiences.
This cruise will be our fourth, all with Carnival.
Our first cruise was for our honeymoon. We sailed out of Miami, and visted Nassau in the Bahamas, San Jaun Puerto Rico, and St Thomas.
Our second cruise sailed out of San Juan with ports of call being St Thomas, St Maarten, Dominica, Barbados, and Martinique.
Our third cruise again sailed out of Miami, cruising to Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Jamaica.

We really like Atlantic brand luggage. They are very well built, and seem to get better with each new generation. We had a couple of the larger Atlantic bags. They are about 29-30″? They hold a lot of stuff, and even expand. But these days the airlines have really started enforcing bag weight limits. On our last trip back from the Caribbean, they hit us with a $25 charge on each bag for being over 50 pounds. And it’s not like they were jam packed, much less expanded. Last Christmas I bought my wife a smaller 25″ Atlantic Expand Aire upright bag. It is really nice. I was thinking about buying a second bag like this to replace another large bag. But then part of me is thinking that I really don’t need another bag, and that the old one will work fine if I just don’t pack as much. I may even buy a small scale with a hook, that I can attach to the bag, and check it’s weight, and even pack the scale to take with us to check the bags for ther return trip. I saw an Atlantic bag for under $50 at the local mall. I don’t think it was an Expand Aire, but it seemed to be a good bag just the same. But I can save the $50 and just take one of the larger suitcases.

Were going on a cruise laster this year, and I have been searching for a portable digital storage device. I bought my Nikon 7900 digital camera with the cruise in mind. After playing with the camera I liked the video it took so much that I don’t plan on taking a camcorder. But it will only save about 14 minutes of video on a 1GB card. I have a couple of 1GB cards, and a 512MB card. I plan on taking video and stills. It is a 8 day cruise with stops in Panama, Costa Rica, and Belize. I know I want to be able to take more than 40 minutes of video during the cruise. So after alot of researching I found the 20 GB FotoChute made by SmartDisk. The FotoChute will allow me to download the contents of the cards into the device, so I can clear the cards each day. Then when I get home, I can load the contents of the device into my computer. I will then be able to burn the video on to DVD which will be cool. And the FotoChute only cost me $99 on Amazon which after research seemed to be a great deal.
I still need something that will allow me to take my camera in the water such as while tubing or snorkeling. I am looking at getting an Ewa-Marine model D-MM. That seems like it will do everything I need, and at a cost of under $100.

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