My wife and I are starting to plan a cruise for next year. I found a interesting 8 day cruise with Carnival (CCL) that goes to Belize, Costa Rica, and Panama. I have been on three Carnival cruises, and like the line. Maybe that is why I own stock in them. The first and third cruises were the best, while on the second cruise the service left a little to be desired. There were more stops on that cruise, so we figured they may have had the second tier servers on that ship.
Anyway, I talked to my brother, to find out if he and his wife would be interested in going on a cruise. He said yes, but is interested in trying a different line. I asked which one, but he didn’t know. He mentioned a listed of lines:
Royal Caribbean (RCL)
Holland America (CCL)
Princess (CCL)
Celebrity (RCL)
Our first cruise was over eleven years ago, and back then Carnival was pretty alone in catering to the younger crowd. Royal Caribbean has since started targeting to younger people by doing such things as adding a rock climbing wall. Celebrity is a new line. Norwegian used to be made up of older ships. Holland America and Princess both cater to upscale older crowds, but I prefer more fun than more formal dinners.
So we are busy researching the different lines and cruise itinerarys to see which one we want to go on.
What does this have to do with making me richer? Well…I post about here, I add content to the site, I get different search keywords related to cruising, I get more traffic, people click on the adwords to the right, and I earn money. Also, I had decided that when I got my inheritance from my mom’s estate, that I would use the money for travel. I would love to be retired, and spend my time travelling. That would be cool. But I will continue to post updates on here. If we do take another line than Carnival, such as Royal Caribbean, it could be considered as investment research (probably not by the IRS).